Thursday, March 11, 2010

Digital signage in stores

Does digital signage in a store really work? Last week, I was at the mall and noticed several LCD screens with custom mall or store content. When I walked into the mall, the entrance had a large, interactive digital screen with a map of the mall. If the customer wanted information on a store, they simply touched the name of the store or its location on the map. The interactive screen popped up with verbal and visual directions to the store, coupons for that particular store, specials of the day and information such as store manager and their phone number.

Once inside several of the stores, there was more digital signage. Advertisements were displayed to catch the eye. Specific brands were promoted, sales items were highlighted and even customer reviews on many of the items within the store were showing. Digital signage is fabulous for those of us who impulse buy! I walked away from several of the stores with WAY more than I had intended to buy.

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LED signs really do work for advertising!

Yesterday, I was driving down a busy road in my hometown and saw an oil change business had a new LED sign by the road. The sign had a simple message "Check your sticker. If you are overdue, come on in and we'll give you a deal". Did it work. Yes. I immediately checked the date of my last oil change and sure enough I was overdue. I pulled in the store and was given great service and a great price on my oil change. I decided on my way home to deliberately look for other oil change businesses and read their signs. One of two things happened. Many of the static message signs had letters that were falling off, crooked, or were spaced too far apart to comfortably read. I did notice a few static signs that had similar messages to the store with the LED sign, but I had driven by them numerous times a day and NEVER had noticed them. The brightness and movement of the message is what INSTANTLY caught my eye with the LED sign and therefore, got my business.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Digital signage--LCD's

Digital signage in the form of industrial grade LCD and Plasma screens with custom content has many benefits to a business.

These digtial screens can:

* display public information such as news, weather, stocks and travel information

* display internal information to employees such as meeting times or company happenings

* advertising in the store or business

* brand building in the store to promote specific brand names

* influence customer behavior to buy

* enhance the customers experience in the store or business

* be used as a learning tool with interactive touch screens

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

School districts and digital signage

Many school districts, both public and private, are using ENTECH'S InfoDisplays digital signage to inform their students, staff, parents and the local community of school events. Digital signage can be seen outdoors on a LED school marquee or indoors with smaller LED's or LCD custom management signage. Districts that are trying to obtain greater community involvement and/or showcase school achievements are choosing LED marquees. Everyone that passes by is able to read what events are happening at the district or on campus. School sports' schedules, academic achievements, staff recognition, testing times, etc are displayed for all to see.

Indoors, schools can choose between LED signs of varying sizes or LCD industrial grade signage with with custom content. These screens can be placed at any location indoors (at school entrances, in offices, lobbies, break rooms, classrooms, etc). The LCD screens can display one screen or several split screens simultaneously. Schools can use basic programs such as Word, Power Point, Excel or a custom template to show information. Live news or weather feeds is also an option to display.

ENTECH'S InfoDisplays,, digital signage is easy and convenient to use. The signs can be updated or changed at a moments notice. The digital signs can also be programmed to run on certain days or certain times of the day. In the event of a crisis, crucial information can be given instantly over the signage. There is no better form of advertising than the use of ENTECH'S InfoDisplays digital signage.

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ENTECH InfoDisplays impresses UT Southwestern with digital signage

ENTECH InfoDisplays has recently sold and installed several LCD custom content media screens to UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX. UT Southwestern has chosen to place the screens in their cafeteria to inform the staff and their guests of daily food specials, health facts, nutritional data and events around their campus. UT Southwestern has received numerous compliments from faculty and visitors on their newly installed digital signage. The information displayed on the screens can be easily and safely updated by the end user from a PC. The software included allows specific information to be scheduled for certain times of the day to maximize the effectiveness of the information. In the unfortunate event of a campus crisis, the information can be replaced with emergency instructions.

UT Southwestern says it has plans for adding additional LCD screens with custom content throughout their campus. High traffic spots such as near entrance and exit doors, beside elevators and restrooms, in lounges and break areas and in classrooms are perfect locations for more digtial signage. ENTECH InfoDisplays and their quality digital signage offers any business an effective means for advertising, informing and entertaining employees, guests and potential customers anywhere and anytime.

ENTECH InfoDisplays,, is a leading company with digital signage and expertise in digital signage solutions.

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