Sunday, April 18, 2010

Digital signage at the movies!

Digital signage is now taking over at the movie theater. I'm not talking about in the theater itself, but out in the lobbies. Last night, I went to the movies with a group of friends. Being in the digital signage industry, I can't help but notice LED's and LCD screens everywhere I go. This particular theater had LED signs at the entrance of the theater displaying a list of all the current movies and showtimes. As we walked in, there was a hugh scrolling LED marquee that literally rounded the interior corners of the lobby. The theater was advertising upcoming promotions and giveaways at their location. Next to the ticket line was a Digital Poster board with upcoming movies scrolling through.  The Digital Poster was entertaining as we waited in line, but also made me want to return to the theater in a few weeks to see a few other movies that I hadn't planned on seeing.  As I turned around to get some popcorn and a drink, I noticed the menu behind the concession was changing every few seconds. It was a LCD screen with changing menu items with awesome pictures and descriptions of the food.  WOW! Digital signage was EVERYWHERE in this theater. I'll have to say, the signage probably has already paid for itself. At the concession, items just become more appealing when there was a clear picture of the products (i.e a picture of a huge, buttery bag of popcorn or an ice cold drink or slush) rather than if the menu had just read "soda" or "popcorn". Pictures, graphics, and inticing images sell products, not words. Needless to say, I have found my favorite movie theater now!  It was exciting and entertaining long before we even took our seats!

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