Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Digital signage in retail

Digital signage can enhance a customers experience while shopping. Whether the customer is in a grocery store, clothing store, hardware store or convenience mart, digital signage can be beneficial.

*** Digital signage can promote specific store brand items. When retailers have their own line of products, digtial signage can help increase sales of their brand items by displaying specials and showing interesting graphics of these items.

*** Digital signage can increase impulse buying. When customers are in the store browsing, digital signage can be advertising daily specials or even items that are only on sale that hour. Whether the customer needs it or not, many purchase the item because it was "on sale" at the moment.

*** Digital signage decreases perceived wait times. Retailers know that customers hate waiting in lines to check out. It has been proven that when customers waiting in line are given something to entertain them, they perceive their wait time to be shorter than it actually is.

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