Sunday, September 5, 2010

Public schools are turning to digital signage!

Many public schools are turning to digital signage in the form of LED marquees and indoor LCD high definition monitors where they can input and control the content as needed. Schools are becoming much more technologically savvy and are encouraging their staff and studets to do the same. LED marquees are popping up at campuses and administration buildings all over the country. LED marquees are a fantastic way to inform the community about school sports events, theatre shows, PTA meetings, teacher/student recognition, testing dates, etc. The possibilities are endless. Indoor LCD high definition monitors come packaged with custom content software that is simple to use. Schools can can do all of the above with this type of signage indoors. These monitors can be placed in the hallways, offices, cafeteria or gym. They can display trivia facts or vital campus information. In the event of an emergency, safety information can be delivered all over campus, indoors and out, with the push of a button. There are several grants available to schools who use digital signage as an additional means of providing campus or community safety. Weather information can also be displayed on a daily basis or emegencybasis.

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Schools with digital signage marquees see a higher rate of parent and community involvement. Digital marquees make it easy to inform students, parents and the entire community of school events!