Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Park Place Lexus gets Digital Signage

Park Place Lexus in Grapevine, TX is using Digital Signage to increase the effectiveness of the dealerships services. Park Place has purchased several LED signs to hang above the drives to efficiently and quickly inform their customers of special promotions, service wait times, car wash deals and other important dealer information. The signs make Park Place run more smoothly by allowing guests to decide what garage they should pull under without a Park Place employee having to stand in the lot directing each car that arrives. The signs can be easily updated from a personal computer in the office. Another added bonus to digital signage is that the signs can be programmed daily or scheduled to run weeks in advance. Digital sinage allows for more flexibility than standard static signs or banners. For example, during the week Park Place may only need one garage open for tire changes, but may need three of the garages open for tire changes on Saturdays. Digital Signage makes it easy to program the signs to fit any businesses needs.
For more information:
972-641-0390 OR 1-800-383-8163

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Richard Sandberg said...

The wave of the longer term is in electronic LED signs. the web site is giving the LED signs are extraordinarily energy-efficient, brighter than neon, cool to the bit and easy to put in.