Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Save Money and Prolong your LED Sign Investment!

A very simple but extremely effective way to prevent costly repairs to your LED sign is to periodically check for any damage and to deal with the issue before the problem gets worst.  This simple but often overlooked task can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year if damage is found and repaired early.

Common places to look for damage when inspecting your LED sign includes damage located around screws and cracking along the edges and through the sign.  Damage like this can usually indicated bigger problems that we cannot see on the inside.

Cracking and other physical damage on LED panel

Damage like this will typically prevent the screws from holding the panel tightly in place which will allow moisture and  other debris to get into the sign.

Gap caused in panels due to damaged LED Panels

By gently pulling on the the LED boards you can quickly expose problematic panels.  Here you can see a panel which is no longer securely tightened to the frame.

Excessive amount of dirt found in a sign with panel damage.

Damaged panels will allow dirt, insects and other unwanted material to enter this sign causing damage.  This debris can potentially cause premature failure of fans, power supplies and other electronic equipment.  If you do open the sign; check for excessive amounts of debris, or signs of water which will usually pool on the bottom of the case or LED panels.  

Short circuit caused by excessive moisture

Under extreme conditions you will have electronics which have short circuited from water infiltrating the case.  Here you can see how water pools at the bottom of the LED panel eventually causing it to rust and to eventually short circuit the board causing display problems.

By periodically checking for damage on your sign and having it repaired before problems get worst you can easily save money and prevent potential problems from occurring in the future. 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School Upgrades Changeable Letter Sign to Electronic LED Marquee

Many schools have taken advantage of using changeable letters signs in order to inform parents, students and teachers of important information.  This is a great way of delivering small amounts of information which does not need to be updated frequently, however many times you will begin to reach a point where you have to start leaving information out due to the limitations of a changeable letter sign.

Original changeable letter sign

Looking for a more effective way of communicating with students, parents and teachers this school decided to upgrade their old changeable letter sign and replaced it with a fully programmable Electronic LED sign.  Since the monument was still structurally sound and still looked great they opted to reuse it for their new LED Sign.  By reusing the original brick monument they were able to get a fantastic looking LED Sign while at same time keeping cost down by not having to pay for the removal and construction of a new monument.

Upgraded LED sign in original monument structure

LED Sign displaying a image of a hawk 

Their are many advantages of using an electronic LED sign over a changeable letter sign.  One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to an LED Sign is how convenient it is to update the sign.  Originally you would have to physically go out and unlock the sign cabinet and manually insert letters and numbers onto the sign which is very time consuming process.  You are also limited by the amount of space available on the sign, the size of letters, as well as how many letters and numbers you have available to use.

It's days like these that you'll be glad you have an Electronic LED Marquee!!

With the LED sign you can instantly send messages from the comfort of your administration office.  You do not need to wait to have someone go out to the sign open it up, and manually remove and replace and arrange the new message on the sign.  Not only that sometimes its not possible or very difficult to update the sign such as during a thunderstorm, snow, hail, and other extreme weather condition.  With an LED sign you'll be able to change your message anytime you wish to make sure you get any important information out right away!

Not only that but an Electronic LED sign will allow you to show multiple messages, and have messages automatically added and removed according to a schedule you specify.  So for instance you could say "Good Morning" from 8:00 am till 8:30 am and at the end of the day say "Have a good afternoon and drive safely!" at 4:00 pm when school lets out.  This will all be done automatically without you having to do anything.  In addition these signs support the display of images, time, date, and temperature!  

With the convenience and advance features that an  Electronic LED Sign provides, no wonder so many schools are taking advantage of this technology to better reach their students, parents and teachers.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dallas Episcopal School keeps Parents and Students informed with New Electronic LED Sign

Good Shepherd Episcopal located in Dallas has been utilizing Electronic Marquee's to communicate with parents and students about events and other important information. These signs have since become an important part of the the school's day to day activities.  So when they started having trouble with one of their Marquee's they decided to completely replace it with a brand new one provided by Entech Signs.

New LED Sign installed and ready to keep Parents and Students 
up-to-date on the latest news and events!

Due to rain, heat, cold and other harsh environmental factors. parts will eventually begin to fail and will need to be replaced in order to function properly.  Depending on the age and the current condition of your sign many times it just makes more economical sense to just replace your current sign rather then paying for costly maintenance to keep the sign operational.  

If you are having trouble with your current LED Sign, please contact Entech Signs so we can help you with your digital signage needs today!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Air Force Base Improves Security by Installing New LED Marquees at Base Entrances

The Security Department at this Air Force Base originally had used numerous static signs at their entrances to inform employees and visitors of the current security situation on base.  Despite using several signs and utilizing other information channels, their offices were still flooded with calls everyday asking about current security status.  In an effort to improve security on base and facilitate the flow of information, the Security Office decided to install electronic marquees at all the entrances of the base to report the current security status.

LED Signs installed under overhang at entrances to base

Positioned optimally to increase visibility and provide the most impact

The signs were located strategically to catch everyone's attention as they wait in line to be screened by security. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to the blinking, scrolling, flashing LED signs while you wait. Not only will these LED Marquees be more effective then their old static signs, they will be more flexible and much easier to mange too.

By taking advantage of the scheduling abilities of the included sign software, the base would be able to assign messages to appear during specific dates and times as needed. For example they can setup a message stating that they will be performing full ID checks and have the message to show up automatically during the night and removed in the morning. In addition they can also easily setup one time messages to be displayed and removed after they expire. This is perfect for instance welcoming a special visitor or events. By scheduling your messages properly you can insure that only the correct messages display at the correct time without having to continuously manage and update the sign.

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Digital Signage helps Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center

Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center is using LCD/Digital Signage to communicate with staff and visitors.  TCJD placed a LCD with custom content software at their facility.  Digital Signage makes it much easier for the facility to share important information from the County and Courts with guests.  The new Digital Signage can inform viewers of upcoming events, building rules and regulations, staff recognition, TIPS on health or youth behavior, statistics on Juvenile offender related material, etc.  Along with this custom content delivered by TCJD, they also have the ability to receive LIVE news, sports, weather, stock and entertainment feeds.  These LCD systems allow TCJD to schedule the software to run certain information at peak times and other information at different times.  The information can be set to display weeks in advance.  LCD custom content screens are the easiest, hassle-free method to deliver information to visitors and staff everyday, all day.  The possibilities with Digital Signage are endless!

For more information on LCD screens with custom content software:

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Electronic Message Centers help businesses draw in customers

LED signs help businesses of all sizes attract customers.  The bright, scrolling letters attract potential customers to the place of business.  Electronic Message Centers are unlike any other form of advertising.  Unlimited messages can be sent to the screen instantly or scheduled weeks in advance.  Static signs are very limited, allowing only one message to be shown at a time.  Electonic signs attract the human eye because of their color and movement, therefore almost guaranteeing that the message is going to be read, static signs get overlooked by thousands of potential customers everyday.  Electronic signs also provide businesses the opportunity to display pictures and animation of their products.  For example, a restaurant could put a picture of one of their top selling menu items on the sign or a hotel could display a picture of one of their suites or a picture of a unique amenity to lure in potential customers.  Why would anyone continue to use an outdated, static sign to attract customers?  Today's smart businesses are using Digital Signage to advertise and market to the public.  The large increase in business will help pay for the Digital Sign very quickly.

Full Colored LED Sign advertising products and promotions

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tarrant County College to install LED Marquees for all TCC Campuses

Tarrant County Community College recently placed an order for new LED Marquees to be installed at all their campuses.  The Northwest Campus already had a fantastic looking LED Sign which was installed by Entech Signs about a year ago.  The administrators were very satisfiedwith the overall capabilities and quality of the signs that they have decided to incorporate five additional signs just like the one located at the Northwest Campus at all other TCC locations.

There are several advantages of using a digital sign over a typical static sign.  An electronic sign will is much less maintenance since you are able to to electronically update the signs quickly and frequently allowing you to quickly adapt and provide relevant information to the students, staff and visitors of TCC.  For example you can let potential students know when registration begins, what day school starts, locations of events and presentations, information on classes, special awards all before they even enter the building!  Used properly these LED Signs can provide for endless options and possibilities!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

LED signage is useful in Emergency Management

Digital Signage is a vital tool in informing citizens of procedures in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster.  Digital Signage can deliver instant messages to an unlimited number of people with the push of a button.  Many times in a natural disaster, people panic and do not make logical choices but Step by Step instructions throughout a building, community or even a large metroplex can reduce the chaos that a disaster can create.  Digital Signage can be pre-programmed to deliver instructions, advice or up-to-date disaster information when needed.  Digital Signage can be in the form of LCD screens and indoor or outdoor LED signs. The great thing about Digital Signage is that they can be placed almost anywhere:  inside offices, schools, hotels, businesses, restaurants, malls, hospitals, theme parks, sports stadiums, parking lots, etc.  They can also be strategically located along high traffic city streets and highways.  In reality, many people are out and about rather than home when a disaster strikes and these people need to be able to be reached by other means than just radio or television for vital instructions on what will be their safest course of action.  Who would have thought that Digital Signage could come in handy with saving millions of lives.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

US Army MWR to Utilize Full Color LED Sign to Advertise Events and Services!

US Army MWR Department at Fort Stewart recently had a brand new Full Color High Resolution LED sign installed in front of their offices near one of the main roads on the base.  They are extremely excited at the high quality images and videos the sign is capable of.  By providing up to date information with eye catching graphics and video MWR can easily inform residents and employees of the base of programs and events currently being provided by MWR.  They expect that this new sign will help increase foot traffic to their offices and increase the overall well being of the residents of Fort Stewart!

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of having your own digital sign for your organization please feel free to contact Entech Signs to learn more!   Our friendly staff of experts will gladly work with you to locate the perfect sign for you!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Salem VA Medical Center LED Sign Upgrade!

Salem VA Medical Center located in Salem Virginia, has been improving the health of the men and women who have proudly served our nation.  Services are available to more than 112,500 veterans living in a 26-county area of southwestern Virginia.

They contacted up about replacing their outdated existing outdoor LED's Signs new ones.  We have diligently working with Salem  to insure that the installation performed went as smooth as possible.  This included an on site meeting and site survey to prepare and design the appropriate package.  In this particular project we sourced a High Resolution (16mm) full color LED sign to be installed at two entrances at the Salem VA.

Custom cabinet created to house the LED sign.

High Resolution LED installed in cabinet and tested prior to installation!

Original double sided LED sign at a secondary entrance.

Original single sided LED sign at entrance.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Entech Signs employee earns the Certified Church Consultant certificate

ENTECH SIGNS employee, Shannon Hockaday, earns the National Association of Church Design Builders Certified Church Consultant (CCC) status.  Individuals from all over the United States gathered at the Ballpark in Arlington last September to either renew their CCC or obtain first time certification.  The course consisted of three full days of lectures and many hands on applications.  Certification seekers heard from various church pastors, church builders, finance specialists and marketing experts.

The students had to take the information they heard and apply it to real life situations that churches are experiencing when they are deciding whether or not to build a new building, add on to an existing site or consider a multi-site location. Churches all over the country are adding LED signs and LCD signs to their buildings.  This is the most effective way to communicate with staff, members and visitors both inside and outside the church building.

Digital Signage allows churches an economical and simple way to communicate with visitors and members about church events. Several ways churches are utilizing their Digital Signage is by promoting and informing the community of: Vacation Bible School, Guest Speakers, Mission Trips, Special Performances, Bible Study Groups, Youth Trips, Support Groups, Food Pantry, etc. Churches can also display daily Bible verses, Topics of Upcoming Discussions, Budgetary information, Congratulations to Members on a Birth or Marriage or even share a Prayer List.
The possibilities are endless with Churches using Digital Signage. Most custom software is very user friendly and can allow the information to be scheduled weeks at a time or updated at a moment’s notice from a secure PC. Basic Software allows users to input information or files from Microsoft Office, upload pictures from a jpeg or gif file and display video.
With the number of people constantly moving in and out of a church facility, it can be hard to interact with each individual on a personal level. Using digital signage to direct visitors to their destination or answer questions about classes and upcoming events is a valuable way to keep everyone in your congregation involved and up-to-date.
Other useful ways churches are using Digital Signage:

• Continually and effectively communicate with members and visitors
• Transmit live and/or pre-recorded video sermons
• Show calendars of upcoming events
• Display maps and directions for visitors
• Share the church’s involvement in the community with the congregation
• Provide recognition to current sponsors and donors
• Display videos or other content from your website
• Expand your message to screens in other buildings on site
• Instantly send out emergency warnings and information

Churches are getting with the times. Thousands of religious organizations are adding Digital Signage to their buildings and therefore are creating more effective forms of communication. Static letter boards tend to get ignored by members of congregations. Many times this type of communication is left with the same message on it for weeks at a time. Letters begin to fall off or dangle and therefore the message becomes lost. To solve this dilemma, First Baptist Church in Arlington, TX has added several LCD's to their lobbies, hallways and classrooms. With Digital Signage, the message is always vibrant, fresh, eye-catching and can allow for unlimited information to be given. Digital Signage can allow the church to deliver multiple messages on a single screen. First Baptist Church, using the LCD screens, is now able to provide visitors with directions to classes via the campus map, list class times and topics, share upcoming Mission Trip details, honor staff for extraordinary service, showcase new members, recruit help for community service projects and remind members of Seasonal activities. The LCD screens are also showing the sermon LIVE form the auditorium for those individuals who need to step in the lobby for a moment.

Whether a church chooses to add Digital Signage to the outdoor or indoors of their campus, it is sure to make the church much more productive and informative to its staff and congregation. The quickest and easiest way to gain new members and to inform the exisisting members is to add Digital Signage to the building or campus. Almost every church says it is by far one of the best forms of marketing, advertising and community outreach for their Church!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jolt to LED Sign Fries Power Terminal... Benefits of a Well Designed Sign

Recently one of our customers noticed that our sign was off.  After checking the breaker they realized it had been tripped.  Turning the breaker back on did not turn the sign on as normal.  After opening up the sign I was shocked to discover that there seemed to have been a short in the sign causing the electrical to melt the terminal block where the power came in.

Luckily after examining the electronics nothing else was physically damaged or burned out. Good thing the engineers who designed the sign already put in emergency measures to protect the sensitive electronics from problems just like this.  From this terminal the power is fed into the electronics, but before that their were 2 10amp fuses designed to prevent too much power from reaching the electronics.  

If those 10amp fuses have not been there its potentially possible that the whole sign could have been fried and we would have needed to spend countless man hours replacing and troubleshooting the sign to get it back into working condition.

When shopping for signs make sure good quality and well designed sign and not just looking for the cheapest sign available.  Long term it could be much more cost effective and beneficial if you got with a better product to prevent having to do costly maintenance on it every year.  

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Patrick AFB Installation

Due to the age and the extreme weather conditions at Patrick AFB their old LED Sign finally stopped functioning at their secondary entrance.  Since the existing structure was still in good shape they refurbished it and were able to reuse it without having to start from scratch and building a new monument for the sign to sit on top of.  Entech signs provided them with a high resolution full color LED Sign to put in place and coordinated the installation of the sign, and communication equipment.

We reused the brick monument from the old sign.  A new metal support structure was installed to support the new sign.

Arrival of the new sign!

Sign being hoisted into place on the existing structure.

Completed installation.

Camera was unable to capture the whole image of the sign properly due to the signs high refresh rate, but these images should get you a good idea of what the signs are capable of.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't let a malfunctioning LED Marquee prevent you from being heard!

Do you have an urgent message or important date coming up?  Do you need to make sure that your viewers get informed but are currently having issues due to a malfunctioning sign?

Message shrunk and pushed to the left to avoid non-functional part of the sign

Sometimes you just need to get creative and work around the problematic errors.  Depending on the exact problem if you have just a portion of the sign out you can re-create your messages to only utilize the good portions of the sign.  This allows you to get messages you need out immediately to your target audience without having to wait until the sign can be properly repaired.  

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Digital LED Sign Freezing / Locking Up....

LED Signs just like any other electronic equipment can lock up on occasion.  This is especially true since LED Signs typically run days, weeks, months, or even years without ever seeing a power cycle.  They also operate in a very harsh environment experiencing extremely hot temperatures during the summer, cold winters, and everything in between including, rain, snow, hail, lighting and anything else you could possibly think of.

When your sign freezes or malfunctions don't panic!  It could be just a simple lock up similar to what your computer might experience.  All you need to do is to perform a simple power cycle.  Typically this is performed by simply turning your breaker off for around 1 minute and powering it back on.  Performing this simple task could potentially save you from having a very costly service call performed on your sign.

Sign which froze during normal usage.  

Doing a simple power off and on quickly resolved the issue.  It's so simple even your grandma can do it!

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LED Signs are tough, but this is riduculous....

LED Signs are designed to withstand all types of punishing damage whether it be rain, thunderstorms, rocks or the occasional baseball.  However nothing surprised me more then to find one of our signs was shot through with what looked like to be a high caliber bullet.  This particular bullet went through 2 metal enclosures, damaged 2 LED boards and cut through electrical wiring in the sign.  I wonder if the insurance policy covers "shot by bullets?"

Bullet found in the enclosure of the sign.

  Where the bullet entered the enclosure causing electrical wiring damage to the sign.

 Bullet ricocheted off the metal framing on the backside of the LED module.

 Part of the grounding wire was blown off and found in another part of the enclosure.

 Force from the impact on the rear of the LED module caused the LED to pop out.

 Where the bullet entered the sign.

Bullet going through the metal enclosure/cabinet of the sign.

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