Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ENTECH SIGNS in now a proud member of NACDB

ENTECH Signs recently became a member of the National Association of Church Design Builders otherwise known as the NACDB.  It's very rare to walk into a church building these days and not see a form of Digital Signage.  From the moment you pull into the parking space you may see an outdoor LED marquee flashing information about the church.  From Service times to mission/community outreach to Bible Study topics, a LED sign can deliver a large amount of valuable information in a matter of seconds before guests even enter the building.  As guests enter the building, they are again met with more Digital Signage such as LCD screens of various sizes with anyhting from Custom Content shared by the church to LIVE feeds such as weather, headline news, stocks, TV, etc.  Many churches are using indoor LCD screens in the lobbies to show the sermon, promote community projects, recognize staff or members for a job well done, list Bible class times and locations, show a campus map for guests, etc.  The possibilities are literally endless with Digital Signage.  Hundreds of messages can be delivered or just one.  Messages are extremely easy to change or update and can be scheduled weeks in advance. 

To find out more about Digital Signage:

Custom Digital Signage with a scroller on the bottom