Thursday, May 3, 2012

Digital LED Sign Freezing / Locking Up....

LED Signs just like any other electronic equipment can lock up on occasion.  This is especially true since LED Signs typically run days, weeks, months, or even years without ever seeing a power cycle.  They also operate in a very harsh environment experiencing extremely hot temperatures during the summer, cold winters, and everything in between including, rain, snow, hail, lighting and anything else you could possibly think of.

When your sign freezes or malfunctions don't panic!  It could be just a simple lock up similar to what your computer might experience.  All you need to do is to perform a simple power cycle.  Typically this is performed by simply turning your breaker off for around 1 minute and powering it back on.  Performing this simple task could potentially save you from having a very costly service call performed on your sign.

Sign which froze during normal usage.  

Doing a simple power off and on quickly resolved the issue.  It's so simple even your grandma can do it!

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