Friday, June 22, 2012

Air Force Base Improves Security by Installing New LED Marquees at Base Entrances

The Security Department at this Air Force Base originally had used numerous static signs at their entrances to inform employees and visitors of the current security situation on base.  Despite using several signs and utilizing other information channels, their offices were still flooded with calls everyday asking about current security status.  In an effort to improve security on base and facilitate the flow of information, the Security Office decided to install electronic marquees at all the entrances of the base to report the current security status.

LED Signs installed under overhang at entrances to base

Positioned optimally to increase visibility and provide the most impact

The signs were located strategically to catch everyone's attention as they wait in line to be screened by security. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to the blinking, scrolling, flashing LED signs while you wait. Not only will these LED Marquees be more effective then their old static signs, they will be more flexible and much easier to mange too.

By taking advantage of the scheduling abilities of the included sign software, the base would be able to assign messages to appear during specific dates and times as needed. For example they can setup a message stating that they will be performing full ID checks and have the message to show up automatically during the night and removed in the morning. In addition they can also easily setup one time messages to be displayed and removed after they expire. This is perfect for instance welcoming a special visitor or events. By scheduling your messages properly you can insure that only the correct messages display at the correct time without having to continuously manage and update the sign.

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Digital Signage helps Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center

Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center is using LCD/Digital Signage to communicate with staff and visitors.  TCJD placed a LCD with custom content software at their facility.  Digital Signage makes it much easier for the facility to share important information from the County and Courts with guests.  The new Digital Signage can inform viewers of upcoming events, building rules and regulations, staff recognition, TIPS on health or youth behavior, statistics on Juvenile offender related material, etc.  Along with this custom content delivered by TCJD, they also have the ability to receive LIVE news, sports, weather, stock and entertainment feeds.  These LCD systems allow TCJD to schedule the software to run certain information at peak times and other information at different times.  The information can be set to display weeks in advance.  LCD custom content screens are the easiest, hassle-free method to deliver information to visitors and staff everyday, all day.  The possibilities with Digital Signage are endless!

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Electronic Message Centers help businesses draw in customers

LED signs help businesses of all sizes attract customers.  The bright, scrolling letters attract potential customers to the place of business.  Electronic Message Centers are unlike any other form of advertising.  Unlimited messages can be sent to the screen instantly or scheduled weeks in advance.  Static signs are very limited, allowing only one message to be shown at a time.  Electonic signs attract the human eye because of their color and movement, therefore almost guaranteeing that the message is going to be read, static signs get overlooked by thousands of potential customers everyday.  Electronic signs also provide businesses the opportunity to display pictures and animation of their products.  For example, a restaurant could put a picture of one of their top selling menu items on the sign or a hotel could display a picture of one of their suites or a picture of a unique amenity to lure in potential customers.  Why would anyone continue to use an outdated, static sign to attract customers?  Today's smart businesses are using Digital Signage to advertise and market to the public.  The large increase in business will help pay for the Digital Sign very quickly.

Full Colored LED Sign advertising products and promotions

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tarrant County College to install LED Marquees for all TCC Campuses

Tarrant County Community College recently placed an order for new LED Marquees to be installed at all their campuses.  The Northwest Campus already had a fantastic looking LED Sign which was installed by Entech Signs about a year ago.  The administrators were very satisfiedwith the overall capabilities and quality of the signs that they have decided to incorporate five additional signs just like the one located at the Northwest Campus at all other TCC locations.

There are several advantages of using a digital sign over a typical static sign.  An electronic sign will is much less maintenance since you are able to to electronically update the signs quickly and frequently allowing you to quickly adapt and provide relevant information to the students, staff and visitors of TCC.  For example you can let potential students know when registration begins, what day school starts, locations of events and presentations, information on classes, special awards all before they even enter the building!  Used properly these LED Signs can provide for endless options and possibilities!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

LED signage is useful in Emergency Management

Digital Signage is a vital tool in informing citizens of procedures in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster.  Digital Signage can deliver instant messages to an unlimited number of people with the push of a button.  Many times in a natural disaster, people panic and do not make logical choices but Step by Step instructions throughout a building, community or even a large metroplex can reduce the chaos that a disaster can create.  Digital Signage can be pre-programmed to deliver instructions, advice or up-to-date disaster information when needed.  Digital Signage can be in the form of LCD screens and indoor or outdoor LED signs. The great thing about Digital Signage is that they can be placed almost anywhere:  inside offices, schools, hotels, businesses, restaurants, malls, hospitals, theme parks, sports stadiums, parking lots, etc.  They can also be strategically located along high traffic city streets and highways.  In reality, many people are out and about rather than home when a disaster strikes and these people need to be able to be reached by other means than just radio or television for vital instructions on what will be their safest course of action.  Who would have thought that Digital Signage could come in handy with saving millions of lives.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

US Army MWR to Utilize Full Color LED Sign to Advertise Events and Services!

US Army MWR Department at Fort Stewart recently had a brand new Full Color High Resolution LED sign installed in front of their offices near one of the main roads on the base.  They are extremely excited at the high quality images and videos the sign is capable of.  By providing up to date information with eye catching graphics and video MWR can easily inform residents and employees of the base of programs and events currently being provided by MWR.  They expect that this new sign will help increase foot traffic to their offices and increase the overall well being of the residents of Fort Stewart!

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