Friday, June 22, 2012

Air Force Base Improves Security by Installing New LED Marquees at Base Entrances

The Security Department at this Air Force Base originally had used numerous static signs at their entrances to inform employees and visitors of the current security situation on base.  Despite using several signs and utilizing other information channels, their offices were still flooded with calls everyday asking about current security status.  In an effort to improve security on base and facilitate the flow of information, the Security Office decided to install electronic marquees at all the entrances of the base to report the current security status.

LED Signs installed under overhang at entrances to base

Positioned optimally to increase visibility and provide the most impact

The signs were located strategically to catch everyone's attention as they wait in line to be screened by security. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to the blinking, scrolling, flashing LED signs while you wait. Not only will these LED Marquees be more effective then their old static signs, they will be more flexible and much easier to mange too.

By taking advantage of the scheduling abilities of the included sign software, the base would be able to assign messages to appear during specific dates and times as needed. For example they can setup a message stating that they will be performing full ID checks and have the message to show up automatically during the night and removed in the morning. In addition they can also easily setup one time messages to be displayed and removed after they expire. This is perfect for instance welcoming a special visitor or events. By scheduling your messages properly you can insure that only the correct messages display at the correct time without having to continuously manage and update the sign.

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