Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tarrant County College to install LED Marquees for all TCC Campuses

Tarrant County Community College recently placed an order for new LED Marquees to be installed at all their campuses.  The Northwest Campus already had a fantastic looking LED Sign which was installed by Entech Signs about a year ago.  The administrators were very satisfiedwith the overall capabilities and quality of the signs that they have decided to incorporate five additional signs just like the one located at the Northwest Campus at all other TCC locations.

There are several advantages of using a digital sign over a typical static sign.  An electronic sign will is much less maintenance since you are able to to electronically update the signs quickly and frequently allowing you to quickly adapt and provide relevant information to the students, staff and visitors of TCC.  For example you can let potential students know when registration begins, what day school starts, locations of events and presentations, information on classes, special awards all before they even enter the building!  Used properly these LED Signs can provide for endless options and possibilities!

For more information on please contact our friendly staff at:

(972) 641-0390


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