Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dallas Episcopal School keeps Parents and Students informed with New Electronic LED Sign

Good Shepherd Episcopal located in Dallas has been utilizing Electronic Marquee's to communicate with parents and students about events and other important information. These signs have since become an important part of the the school's day to day activities.  So when they started having trouble with one of their Marquee's they decided to completely replace it with a brand new one provided by Entech Signs.

New LED Sign installed and ready to keep Parents and Students 
up-to-date on the latest news and events!

Due to rain, heat, cold and other harsh environmental factors. parts will eventually begin to fail and will need to be replaced in order to function properly.  Depending on the age and the current condition of your sign many times it just makes more economical sense to just replace your current sign rather then paying for costly maintenance to keep the sign operational.  

If you are having trouble with your current LED Sign, please contact Entech Signs so we can help you with your digital signage needs today!
(972) 641-0390