Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School Upgrades Changeable Letter Sign to Electronic LED Marquee

Many schools have taken advantage of using changeable letters signs in order to inform parents, students and teachers of important information.  This is a great way of delivering small amounts of information which does not need to be updated frequently, however many times you will begin to reach a point where you have to start leaving information out due to the limitations of a changeable letter sign.

Original changeable letter sign

Looking for a more effective way of communicating with students, parents and teachers this school decided to upgrade their old changeable letter sign and replaced it with a fully programmable Electronic LED sign.  Since the monument was still structurally sound and still looked great they opted to reuse it for their new LED Sign.  By reusing the original brick monument they were able to get a fantastic looking LED Sign while at same time keeping cost down by not having to pay for the removal and construction of a new monument.

Upgraded LED sign in original monument structure

LED Sign displaying a image of a hawk 

Their are many advantages of using an electronic LED sign over a changeable letter sign.  One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to an LED Sign is how convenient it is to update the sign.  Originally you would have to physically go out and unlock the sign cabinet and manually insert letters and numbers onto the sign which is very time consuming process.  You are also limited by the amount of space available on the sign, the size of letters, as well as how many letters and numbers you have available to use.

It's days like these that you'll be glad you have an Electronic LED Marquee!!

With the LED sign you can instantly send messages from the comfort of your administration office.  You do not need to wait to have someone go out to the sign open it up, and manually remove and replace and arrange the new message on the sign.  Not only that sometimes its not possible or very difficult to update the sign such as during a thunderstorm, snow, hail, and other extreme weather condition.  With an LED sign you'll be able to change your message anytime you wish to make sure you get any important information out right away!

Not only that but an Electronic LED sign will allow you to show multiple messages, and have messages automatically added and removed according to a schedule you specify.  So for instance you could say "Good Morning" from 8:00 am till 8:30 am and at the end of the day say "Have a good afternoon and drive safely!" at 4:00 pm when school lets out.  This will all be done automatically without you having to do anything.  In addition these signs support the display of images, time, date, and temperature!  

With the convenience and advance features that an  Electronic LED Sign provides, no wonder so many schools are taking advantage of this technology to better reach their students, parents and teachers.

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