Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Save Money and Prolong your LED Sign Investment!

A very simple but extremely effective way to prevent costly repairs to your LED sign is to periodically check for any damage and to deal with the issue before the problem gets worst.  This simple but often overlooked task can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year if damage is found and repaired early.

Common places to look for damage when inspecting your LED sign includes damage located around screws and cracking along the edges and through the sign.  Damage like this can usually indicated bigger problems that we cannot see on the inside.

Cracking and other physical damage on LED panel

Damage like this will typically prevent the screws from holding the panel tightly in place which will allow moisture and  other debris to get into the sign.

Gap caused in panels due to damaged LED Panels

By gently pulling on the the LED boards you can quickly expose problematic panels.  Here you can see a panel which is no longer securely tightened to the frame.

Excessive amount of dirt found in a sign with panel damage.

Damaged panels will allow dirt, insects and other unwanted material to enter this sign causing damage.  This debris can potentially cause premature failure of fans, power supplies and other electronic equipment.  If you do open the sign; check for excessive amounts of debris, or signs of water which will usually pool on the bottom of the case or LED panels.  

Short circuit caused by excessive moisture

Under extreme conditions you will have electronics which have short circuited from water infiltrating the case.  Here you can see how water pools at the bottom of the LED panel eventually causing it to rust and to eventually short circuit the board causing display problems.

By periodically checking for damage on your sign and having it repaired before problems get worst you can easily save money and prevent potential problems from occurring in the future. 

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