Friday, January 25, 2013

How Alabama Air National Guard is Improving Communication by Implementing Base Wide Digital Signage Solution!

Alabama Air National Guard recently purchased multiple LED signs from ENTECH Signs to be installed throughout their base including a new one at the Guard-shack to introduce visitors and to keep everyone informed of the current threat level.  They also installed another one by the Hospital as well as another on the runway to keep the crews informed and to greet important visitors to the base. 

They were so happy with the installation they sent us this letter of gratitude regarding the smooth installation.

Roger has been here for the last 2 days. We were not sure what we were getting into with this new sign technology. From the very start he made us feel comfortable that he would leave us in good shape. He is truly a professional and has provided the technical expertise working closely with my technicians to ensure a quality product was delivered. He provided the necessary training and we are anxious to start experimenting with the full potential that your signs has to offer. My hat is off to Roger, you, and your company for an exceptional product with outstanding service.

Thank you very much,

David L. Wright, CMSgt, AL ANG
SCO, 117th Communications Flight

To see how Entech Signs can help you with implementing your own base wide Digital Signage solution please contact us at:

(972) 641-0390

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