Monday, July 15, 2013

City Codes and Ordinances to Consider When Installing a New Digital LED Sign

When installing a New Digital LED Sign you must take into consideration and be aware of all of the local city ordinance and codes which will affect the installation of your sign.  Not fully understanding these codes can cause permit denial, delays and other potential issues.

Some of the issues you should take into consideration are:

  • Are LED Signs allowed?
  • Is there a maximum or minimum height requirement?
  • Are the signs required by law to be a certain distance from the main road?
  • Specific sign construction requirements (For instance some cities may not approve certain materials or types of construction within their jurisdiction)
  • Specific Message Restrictions (Such as restrictions on animations and transitions, required hold time between slides or messages, brightness, ect)

Sign Inspection Approved by Local Municipality

Entech Sign's Professional Sign Experts will be more then happy to assist you in helping you choose a sign to meet your needs and point out any potential issues before they happen.  By doing the proper research beforehand you avoid potential issues, frustration, and costly rework.  

Smooth Install of New Digital LED Sign

With a professional Sign Expert at your side guiding you through every step of the process a sign can go from concept to reality in as little as three months.  Our Experts will help insure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible.  Need help putting in a new LED Sign?  Contact Entech Sign's Professional Sign Experts today!

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How An LED Marquee or LCD System Can Help Religious Organizations Spread Their Message!

Entech Signs is a leading nationwide provider of Outdoor LED Marquees and Indoor Digital Signage solutions for Churches, Schools, Businesses, and Government.  We carry a complete line of Digital Signage products and services to help our customers more effectively spread their messages and insure that they are being heard.

Electronic LED Marquee Sign Promoting Sunday Services and other important messages and events

By taking advantage of a specially tailored Digital Signage solution by Entech Signs; you can better market your church events and services, improve and increase attendance, as well as getting the community involved in important events and causes.  Churches are increasing taking advantage of Digital signs to reach out to their members and community is especially effective in attracting younger members by taking advantage of advance multimedia to grab their attention.

Entech is a member of the NACD and have Certified Church Consultants who are more then happy to assist you

Let Entech Signs Certified Church Consultants help you find and create the right product to reach your Church’s goals and vision.  We provide a generous selection of products and services including Indoor and outdoor LED, LCD Digital Signs and Displays to meet everyone’s needs and budget.  Our signs are easily manageable and programmable utilizing one of our software packages to meet your needs.  In addition with start-up training and lifetime phone support, you can rest easy knowing someone will always be there to help you make the most of your investment.

Call Entech Signs to see how we can help find the perfect solution to meet your organizations goals today!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Survey Your Existing Sign and Other Common Issues To Think About Before Breaking Ground On a New Electronic LED Marquee Sign

Purchasing an Electronic LED Marquee in many cases is a big decision and like any big decision you need to make sure that you do the proper research and take a few things into consideration.

To help us in creating and choosing a sign for your location one of the first things you will want to do is to do a site survey of the location.  To do a site survey you do not need any special 'surveying' tools, all you will need is pen and paper, measuring tape, and a camera.  When dealing with an existing structure it is critical to measure the distance from the sign to the street or right-of-way.  In many cases it is better to raze the existing structure and start fresh with a new pole or monument LED sign.  Another important element is the traffic speed and the viewing distance.
You also want to determine how much information you want readers to see as they drive by.  This will help in determining the size, pitch and number of lines for the Electronic sign.  If you want to show only text, then a higher pitch sign is fine.  However, if you plan on using pictures, animation and graphics, a tighter pitch sign would fit your needs better.

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