Friday, December 20, 2013

LCD displays increase business

LCD displays are popping up in many businesses all over the world.  These displays typically consist of an industrial grade flat screen that is designed to operate longer hours than a standard home television. The screens are connected to a media player that, depending on the type of media player purchased, can show custom content on the screen from files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and picture files like .jpg and.gif.  Advanced media players can pull in Live internet feeds, display current weather conditions, traffic updates, etc.  These custom LCD screens allow the user to advertise services or products, show internet content, Live feeds such as Twitter all while displaying custom content too.  The information can be scheduled to run on specific days and specific times so that it is reaching the appropriate people at the right time. Businesses can even get their money back from purchasing digital signage by selling spaces on their screens to other local businesses as well.  For example, a hotel can purchase a LCD display package for its lobby.  The hotel can then sell advertising space on their screens to nearby restaurants, malls, retail stores, visitor attractions, etc.

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Government Bases are Updating Their Bases with Digital Signage

Most US Government Bases are purchasing Digital Signage to easily inform, educate and entertain the staff and guests on base.  Digital Signage is the easiest way to get the word out instantly to hundreds or even thousands of people simultaneously.  Digital Signs can be updated with the push of a button from a secured computer.  No more stacks of papers tacked to bulletin boards, outdated signs with static letters falling off or displaying the same message for weeks at a time.  Digital Signage is also crucial to bases in a time of emergency, sharing vital information or instructions to those nearby.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Colleges and Universities increase attendance with LED signage

Tarrant County College has purchased new LED marquees for all of its five campuses.  Now, students, faculty and the community will constantly be updated with TCC's current events, campus happenings, faculty/student achievement, theatrical shows, sports events, fundraisers, open houses and emergency notifications.  LED signage is the most effective form of notifying the community of college or University events.  Most colleges and Universities have hundreds, if not thousands, of communters pass by their buildings on a daily basis. Many of these passerby have no idea what cool events the college or University has for the community as a whole.  Many schools are missing out on extra revenue and attendees by limiting their advertising to inside the school or to their website. A great benefit of an LED sign is the ease of changing and scheduling the messages on the sign.  From the comfort of an office, the school can update their sign and instantly reach thousands of people.  If you are interested in seeing what a LED/digital sign can do for your school, give ENTECH SIGNS a call:

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

High Point University in North Carolina Makes Students Feel Special

High Point University (HPU) in North Carolina knows how to make their students, both current and future, feel special when they arrive on campus.  HPU has recently purchased several LED signs and has upgraded their basic metal parking signs with customizable digital signage.  These signs are easily updated from inside the building to greet guests as they arrive on campus.  Customized, personal messages when the visitors arrive is certainly a way for HPU to stand out from the other college campuses.
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