Tuesday, August 26, 2014

LED Marquee on US Air Force Base Helps Advertise Current Specials, Increase Local Awareness and Promote Special Events!

New LED Marquee installed at the Yukon Club Facility in Eielson AFB!
 Entech Sign's EA-20MM 56x144 RED

Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks Alaska needing a better way to advertise and communicate to their visitors has recently just completed installation of a new double face monochrome LED Marquee Sign in front of their Yukon Club Facility.  The club is a full-service facility offering quality, luncheons, weddings, protocol functions and complete catering services for parties.  The club also offers evening dining options with satisfying menu items.  With a new Electronic LED Sign provided by Entech Signs they will now be able to effectively promote and advertise current promotions and special functions such as weddings and parties!

With the advanced messaging software you can easily program and schedule messages days or weeks in advance and have them play only during the times needed and removed automatically.  This insures that you get messages out exactly when you need it and allows you the freedom of concentrating on more important matters such as managing special events.  

These signs were custom designed with the extreme temperatures of Alaska in mind and have special enclosures and heating elements to insure that even in the most extreme and demanding winters their LED Marquee will continue work for you!

See how an LED Sign from Entech Signs help you better market and manage your Business or Public Facility today!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Salem VA Medical Center Gets Digital Marquee

The Salem VA Medical Center has recently purchased a new LED/Digital sign for their entrance.  The sign is located at a perfect intersection for thousands of cars to view the signs messages as they drive by or as they sit and wait at the intersection for the signal light to change.  The Salem VA Medical Center can inform the community of their health services or any vital health information.  The VA also may share community news or VA specific events on the LED sign.  The sign also frequently displays the time and temperature which makes it a popular focal point.  The amount of information the VA can send to the sign and the community is enormous.  The new LED/Digital sign is no doubt a great investment for the Salem VA Medical Center.

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                                          Salem VA Medical Center Digital Sign

Ergon-West Virginia Uses Digital Signage

Ergon-West Virginia is using Digital Signage to update their employees on company happenings and statistics as they enter the facility.  Their Digital Signage is strategically placed where all workers closely drive by the sign as they arrive to work and are immediately informed of new, up to date information.  The sign could easily display items like employee recognition, company awards, security or lockdown instructions, closings, production changes, etc.  The possibilities are numerous with a Digital Sign versus a standard sign. Companies like Ergon are adapting with the times by choosing Digital Signage over a static sign.  Information is continously changing and evolving, never static, so why do so many companies chose a static sign?  The answer is they don't anymore.  Businesses from manufacturing to schools, churches, hospitals, retail and restaurants are choosing Digital Signage to increase business and/or inform their employees and customers of their products and services. To see what Digital Signage can do for your business, contact:

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Ergon West Virginia Digital Signage/LED sign
Ergon-West Virginia Digital Signage/LED sign

Perot Museum in Dallas Uses Digital Signage to Elevate Guests Experience

The Perot Museum in Dallas, TX is using LED signs and other Digital Signage to maximize the visitors experience.  The Digital Signage is both eye catching and informative.  This allows the Perot Museum to share lots of new information on an ongoing basis. Most museums use static signs which unfortunately keep the same information for years or even decades.  Digital signs and LED signs give the user the option of keeping the same information or updating the information as technology or science evolves.  The brightness of these moving message centers also demands attention from those nearby.  They are not easily missed as some static boards are! The ease of uploading information to these signs is incredible.  The fact that virtually unlimited information can be stored and delivered on cue is amazing, beneficial and very productive.

                                      Perot Museum LED/Digital sign describing the exhibit
Perot Museum LED/Digital sign

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