Thursday, January 29, 2015

Using Digital Signage in Emergency Situations

Municipalities, Hospitals, Retail Centers, Colleges and Universities and many other organizations all over the United States are starting to use both outdoor and indoor digital signage for Emergency Situations.  Outdoor LED Signs and indoor LED Signs or LCD screens can utilize software now that can allow the user to use their Digital Sign as a Public Service Announcement.  What are the benefits of this feature?  Using Digital Signage with Emergency Management software can ultimately save lives.  Emergency weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc can happen almost anywhere, sometimes with little to no warning.  Digital Signage placed strategically across a town or city can provide citizens with crucial, life saving instructions almost instantly! Other Emergency situations such as an active shooter in an area can also provide clear, detailed instructions to innocent people in the area.  Digital Signage is not only informative in that it can display time, temperature and various types of company details, it can display life saving instructions!  The Emergency Management software is so simple to use, it can be set to override the other information showing on the sign or screen when FEMA  or the National Weather Service issues an alert!

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