Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grand Prairie High Schools are Upgrading their Digital Marquees!

Grand Prairie and South Grand Prairie High Schools are upgrading their LED Signage to bigger and better Digital Signage.  The new signs are going to be slightly larger than before and will have a tighter pitch.  This means that the new signs will have a more clear animation and graphics capability.  Both high schools are also replacing their static logo panels that over time start to show wear and tear due to the environmental factors such as rain, sun, heat, snow, wind, etc. These new LED marquees are going to be a great addition to the campus and community as a whole.  Digital signage at schools can greatly increase school spirit by drastically improving support and attendance at advertised school functions such as athletic games, PTA times, theater performances, etc. In addition, a LED sign can recognize staff, students or parents for their hard work or accomplishments. Most people love the idea of having their name listed in flashing lights for all to see!  The possibilities of a business or school having a Digital Sign are literally endless.  Many schools have even received FREE digital signs!

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High School LED Sign with ID cabinet

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Students, Staff and Visitors Benefit from Digital LED Sign Upgrade at Local Community College!

 TCC Installed New LED Signs at all Four Campuses to Benefit the Students and Local Community 

TCC began experimenting with Outdoor Digital Signage in 2009 at the NW Campus where they upgraded from an old changeable letter sign to a bright, highly readable LED Sign.  Dr. Vesta Martinez, Director of Student Development Services at TCC Northwest Campus “fondly” remembers their old sign and said the new sign is a “huge step up from the old sign when we had to chip off the ice to change the sign” when classes were cancelled. Now, they simple have to upload “Classes Canceled Due to Inclement Weather”… and done!

Perhaps the best illustration of the Electronic Signs’ effectiveness can be seen when something goes wrong. When words are spelled wrong or the signs are down for maintenance, they get bombarded with calls showing that signs are effectively getting information out, and people are noticing. In fact, the first sign was working so well that not only did TCC Northwest put in a second double sided LED Sign at the NW Campus but they have installed additional signs at all of their other campuses.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lost? Need Help? LegoLand installs LED Sign at Ticket Counter to Greet and Direct Customers!

Easily Readable LED Signs for Ticket Counter at LegoLand

LED Sign's are a perfect solution for any large park, convention center, or park in dealing with the large number or people and the chaotic conditions at the entrance. LED Tickers / Marquees are very clear and easy to read even at a very long distance and giving the visitor important information improving customer satisfaction and overall experience.

With easy to use software you can be sure that you can quickly adapt to any situation and get your important messages out exactly when you need it.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Tyndall Air Force Base serves its airmen with Digtial Signage

Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida is serving its troops and the community with updated Digital Signage!  Tyndall has replaced the outdated, static letter board with current technology, a Digital MarqueeDigital signage offers Tynall so many more options than their old sign.  Using the old sign, an individual would have to stand out in the elements and slowly change out each letter to create a message.  The letters easily fall off the sign creating a message that is unreadable!  Because static signs are such a hassle to update, many times messages remain the same for weeks at a time. BORING! Now Tyndall Air Force Base can use their advanced software to display eye catching animation, graphics and current messages on their LED sign!  Bases with Digital Signage are seeing a huge jump in military personnel and community involvement. 

BEFORE: Limited information static sign
AFTER: Unlimited LED sign

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