Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Businesses See Success with the Use of LED Signs!

All businesses, no matter what type, are seeing a huge jump in foot traffic when they use a LED, also known as a digital sign! There is something appealing about a digital sign that a plain static sign just cant achieve.  The brightness of a LED sign in conjunction with their ability to scroll the letters in a variety of patterns and graphics, instantly draws the attention of anyone nearby.  If you have a business and want to increase your sales, a digital sign is by far the most efficient way to go. Other forms of marketing typically require constant payments every week or at least on a monthly basis. A digital sign is a one time cost that quickly pays for itself.  Several businesses even rent out space on their digital sign to help pay for the sign!  Some businesses have sold small plaques to individuals or other nearby establishments as a way to pay for their sign!  Genius!  What other form of advertising can you actually make money back on while increasing your sales too??? Digital signs are so effective that the US Government is installing them on their bases, school districts all over the United States are placing them in front of their campuses and Municipalities are installing them at Libraries, Civic Centers and Recreation Centers.  Give a LED sign a try and see for yourself!

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South Grand Prairie High
Full color
Farmers Branch Library monochrome

Monday, July 6, 2015

Two High Schools in Grand Prairie, Tx update Their Digital Marquees

Both Grand Prairie High and South Grand Prairie High have recently updated their outdoor Digital Marquees. With technology changing at such a fast pace, the school district knew they could get a lot more value from a digital sign by upgrading their old signs. The newer, full color signs have a tighter pitch meaning the picture quality will be better because each pixel cluster is closer together. The older signs were a 23mm pitch and the new signs boast a tighter 16mm pitch.  Can you seen the difference in the photos below? The colors and brightness of newer digital signs are also more vibrant than before. Both high schools also chose to go bigger allowing their messages to be read from a farther distance away. If you are considering buying a digital sign for the first time or are wanting to upgrade your old model, give us a call for a free consultation and quote!

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McConnell Air Force Base uses digital signage to inform and entertain staff and visitors!

McConnell Air Force Base has a brilliant full color electronic marquee at the entrance to their base. An electronic or digital sign will allow the base to advertise Holiday events, base information such as special guest recognition, base store hours and specials, Emergency instructions, etc.  The possibilities of a digital sign compared to a static sign are endless. Bases with an electronic marquee are able to share more information with base staff, guests and the community as a whole.  The ease of updating the sign, scheduling custom content days or even weeks in advance, allow the user to get information out easily and quickly with a push of a button!

McConnell AFB.LED sign. electronic marquee. full color

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