Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tarrant County updates their Parking Garage signs!

Tarrant County, located in North Texas, has recently updated their parking garage signage. Their previous signage allowed only pricing, dates and hours to be displayed on the signs, seriously limiting the signage message.  As LED or digital signage is becoming more and more popular and economical, Tarrant County decided now was the time to invest in signage that would allow the county to not only display parking prices, but also allow for other messages and reminders to the community.  For example, they can now remind drivers to put on their seat belts, display current time and temperature data, inform drivers of traffic conditions in the vicinty, notify when the garage is full, warn drivers of weather hazards or street closings, share upcoming events such as festivals, shows, etc in the area.  The sign is even on a movable cart so that the County can decide if another location would be better on any given day!  The possibilities are endless with digital signage!  Don't limit yourself with a static sign GO digital and see all of the things you can share with your audience!
Static sign for Calhoun Garage. Limited info with no changes. BEFORE


LED sign for Calhoun Garage. Unlimited messages. AFTER   

Friday, October 9, 2015

Entech Signs markets to Schools and Administrators at the show in Austin, TX

ENTECH Signs managed a booth at this years TASA/TASB show in Austin TX on October 2-4 for Texas School Administrators and School Boards.  Complete with digital signage in the form of large outdoor LED signage on a travelling trailer to smaller indoor LCD custom content packages to attract potential buyers with a variety of digital signage needs and budgets.  The most popular products appeared to be the large outdoor signage on a portable trailer and some of the more budget friendly, text only, outdoor signage.  ENTECH carries several different types of LED signs with varying features and capabilities so that no potential customer will walk away thinking they couldn't afford a sign. School districts all over the country are utilizing digital signage in the form of outdoor LED marquees near their entrances to indoor signage in hallways, offices, cafeterias and gymnasiums. There is no better form of advertising than digital signage due to the eye catching qualities of bright, moving messages to the simplicity of changing the content from the comforts of a school office.
Full Color LED sign on travel trailer