Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LED Signs are Literally a Moving Way to Advertise!

LED signs can now be on the move and not just stationary on a pole or in a monument.  Digital signage can be placed on the sides of a vehicle as seen in this picture and can be added to a rolling cart as well. The benefits to this, is that the user can advertise using their digital sign in just about any location imaginable! This is a great option for businesses that operate at different venues or locations on a regular basis. For example, circus groups, petting zoos, oil and gas operators, rodeos, state or local fairs, carnivals, church missions, etc can now continue advertising their products and services while on the road and at a temporary location! LED or digital signage allows so much flexibility to the end user that the possibilities are literally endless.  Static signs limit the amount of information that can be displayed and signage at a fixed spot, limit the user to a specific location.  LED signage that can be easily moved locations is a win-win for companys wanting to expand their advertising abilities!
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Military Bases Use Digital Signage to Inform, Entertain and Alert!

The US Government is using both indoor and outdoor Digital Signage at their bases to keep the Servicemen and women and their guests up to date on Military base events,services, community happenings and even for Emergency information such as weather, terror attacks, Lock-downs, etc. Digital signage is the best way to instantly communicate both vital instructions and base information to the public and staff.  No other form of communication can be delivered instantly and with the ease of a secured computer to unlimited number of people!
Louisiana ANG.LED Sign
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bridge Way Church reaches the Community with Digital Signage!

BridgeWay Church in Copper Canyon, TX updated their signage in the summer of 2015. The new, full color digital sign was installed in time for BridgeWay Church to advertise to the community their upcoming VBS topic, Joseph! Churches all over the country are starting to go digital both indoors and outdoors.  Digital signage allows the user to display unlimited amounts of information instead of just a line or two seen on most static signs. BridgeWay Church was able to show passerby lots of important information such as dates, times and additional pictures and graphics that gain the attention of those nearby. Digital signage is crucial to churches wanting to share a lot of information such as sermon titles, mission dates and locations, acknowledge guest speakers, Holiday special events, etc with their community.  The ease and convenience of use is a plus.  Churches can schedule their content weeks in advance from the comfort of the church office.  Many digital signs can even be updated or scheduled from a staff members home! For more information:

BridgeWay Church.LED Sign