Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Schools are Utilizing Digital Signage to Benefit Students!

Schools are beginning to use both indoor and outdoor digital signage to create more school and community unity. Getting vital messages out to students, faculty, parents and other community members is crucial in creating cohesion. Schools that use digital signage are finding more community involvement and greater student participation in activities!  PTA meetings are becoming fuller, fundraiser projects are gaining momentum, students and staff are being recognized for great work, sports games are increasing the number of fans, students are showing up to school more prepared, the list could go on and on!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Churches increase attendance with digital signage!

Many churches all over the country are investing in LED or digital signage to attract new members.
Digital signage allows the user to customize every message sent with easy to use software.

A few of the MANY benefits of LED or digital signage:

1.  Messages can be updated and changed quickly. Static signs are boring and usually have the same message on them weeks at a time.
2. Messages can be scheduled weeks in advance or programmed to run certain content at certain times of the day, allowing a business to target certain audiences with specific information.
3. Many LED signs come with software that allows the user to update messages from any internet, meaning it can be done from the comfort of the users home!
4. Many companies are offering leasing options so that a business can make smaller payments toward their sign, allowing them to keep more money in their business for other items/expenses.
5. LED or digital signage is the most flexible form of advertising for a place or business and will pay for itself many times over.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Military Bases use Digital Signage to Quickly Inform Guests!

Military bases all over the world are using Digital Signage to get their messages out quickly. Digital Signage allows users to update or schedule information days or even weeks in advance. If a base has a change of plan, the messages can be overridden with the push of a button. Guests can be given instructions or even local data such as time and temperature while they wait in line before they even enter the bases gates! Special guests can be acknowledged, base events displayed, upcoming meetings listed, Holiday schedules, Recognition for service or accomplishments noted, etc. The possibilities a LED or Digital Sign offers are literally endless!

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