Monday, February 22, 2016

The City of Midlothian is Increasing Their Communication with Residents!

Cities all over the United States are updating their outdated, static signs with new technology in the form of LED or Digital Signage. Cities have been so limited in the amount of information they could share with citizens using their static signage. Messages were displayed one at a time or the city had to decide what one message was the most important to show and had to ignore the rest. Some messages would be left up weeks after the event had ended. Other times letters begin to fall off the sign making it unreadable. The benefits of using a LED or Digital Sign are numerous. Messages can be stored weeks in advance using special software, the LED bulbs are very energy efficient but bright enough that the human eye is drawn to the information, messages are always fresh, up to date, and practically unlimited. Today many LED signs now have software that allows the user to update the sign form anywhere in the world using the Internet!

For more information:
1-800-383-8163 or 972-641-0390
Old, Static Sign Limited Info

New LED Sign. Can store hundreds of messages

New LED sign. Eye catching.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valvoline Updates Changeable Letter Sign to Brand New LED Digital Display to Advertise and Increase Business!

New Valvoline Express Care Oil Change Recently Replaced Their Existing Changeable Letter Sign to Attract Customers and Business

Valvoline in Burleson recently changed their old changeable letter sign to a Brand New LED Marquee provided by Entech Signs.  The new sign is bright with Eye Catching Colors and Graphics to draw in more traffic by taking advantage of the increased traffic due to the New Kroger's Supermarket and Stop Light nearby.  

With an Advance Cloud-Based software you can easily program the sign from any computer or mobile device without having to install any software at all and was a perfect fit for Valvoline of Burleson.

For example with the Cloud-Based system we can easily program the signs to put up Specials or Advertisements depending on the current weather conditions.  If it will rain you can automatically advertise windshield wipers, have your tires checked or if the temperature is very hot you can advertise to have your AC checked.  In addition with this advanced system the local stores managers can control their own messages while allowing corporate to monitor what is being placed on the signs to insure that the effective and appropriate messages are being placed on the signs.

If you want to see how a LED Sign or Marquee can benefit your business please give us a call today!

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