Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse Gets A LED Sign!

Full color LED sign with brick base

The Northeast Courthouse in Tarrant County, TX has recently purchased a LED Sign for their property.  The Courthouse chose a vibrant, full color sign that can show text, animation and graphics.  The sign is positioned on the premises so that staff, visitors and the community can stay up to date on County services and events.  County Courthouses offer many services to its citizens and therefore, an LED Sign is a great way to communicate with everyone what they offer.  The Courthouse can now conveniently inform members of the community from the comfort of an office or even while off site using the fantastic software app.  The users may program messages weeks or even months in advance or schedule certain messages to play based on the time of day.  Digital signage allows content to stay fresh and interesting, never dull.


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