Thursday, June 2, 2016

Edwards Air Force Base Purchases New LED Sign

Edwards AFB Full color LED Sign

Edwards Air Force Base purchases a new Digital Sign for their base.  The Digital Sign allows the base to share information with visitors, personnel and special guests. The full color LED sign can display text and graphics/animation.  The sign is eye catching and has allowed the base to deliver unlimited information with the push of a button.  The messages can be programmed weeks or even months in advance and with the use of web based software, can be updated by the end user from anywhere in the world!

Digital Signage
offers the end user flexibility and simplicity when it comes to delivering their information.  Static signs can only show a very limited amount of information. Most static signs aren't updated regularly and therefore have the same messages displayed day after day. Boring or stagnant signage means passerby tend to ignore the sign, defeating its purpose!