Thursday, December 29, 2016

Davis Monthan Military Base Gets New Digital Sign!

Davis-Monthan Air Force base near Tucson, Arizona, has recently updated their digital signage. Their new full color, Digital LED sign is strategically placed at the bases entrance to greet personnel and guests. Important messages are displayed continuously to keep everyone informed of base events. Information can be pre-programmed weeks or months in advance. As technology advances, many new LED signs like the new sign at Davis-Monthan can be updated by the user anywhere in the world where there is internet. Cloud based software allows last minute updates to messages to be done anywhere at anytime. It is important with today's fast paced world for messages to be current. Messages that are outdated or static, can quickly cause viewers to not look at the sign for useful information. Cloud based software, advanced scheduling capabilities and bright, energy efficient lighting are just a few of the reasons many military bases and businesses are choosing to use Digital LED signs instead of the boring, limited abilities of static boards!

Davis Monthan. Full color. LED sign
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Kings Bay Naval Base Uses Digital Signage to Inform Viewers at Its Entrance

Full Color Digital Sign with Animation

Kings Bay, a Naval Submarine base facility in Georgia, has purchased a new Full Color Digital Sign.  Kings Bay is increasing its bases communication with the help and ease of Digital Signage, also known as LED Signs.  Naval bases are choosing this form of Digital Signage because of its ease to use. Messages can be programmed weeks or months in advance, can be scheduled from anywhere in the world with its cloud based software and can be over ridden with Emergency instructions set up by the base.  LED signs are also energy efficient and extremely eye catching. Having a Digital Sign is like having an endless form of advertising at your fingertips!

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US Military uses LED signs to Increase Base Bonding

Military bases use Digital signage to create more bonding between fellow servicemen.  Digital signage is used to promote base happenings frequently.  Those bases using digital signage are seeing larger turnouts when they advertise base events compared to when they advertise using other means such as paper flyers or static bulletin boards.  Digital signage is so easy to use and the user can update the sign from anywhere in the world using the cloud based software. When base activities are planned out for the entire year, the user can schedule the information into the sign, allowing it to be stored and then displayed at the appropriate times. Digital signage does not have to be limited to the amount of information shared like static signs do. In addition, nothing draws the attention of passerby like a LED or digital sign can.

LED sign at Air Force Base

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Bases Use Digital Marquees to Expand Communication!

Military bases are using all forms of digital signage to increase communications between the base and service personnel and guests.  Digital signage offers the most flexibility in forms of communicating important messages to the base. Messages can be scheduled days, weeks, even months in advance. If an administrator needs to update the sign, he can do that from anywhere in the world with web based messaging software! Another benefit of LED signs is that they are extremely energy efficient. They use very little electricity.  There is no other form of advertising that catches the human eye like LED/digital signage

Full color LED sign at US base
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