Thursday, December 29, 2016

Davis Monthan Military Base Gets New Digital Sign!

Davis-Monthan Air Force base near Tucson, Arizona, has recently updated their digital signage. Their new full color, Digital LED sign is strategically placed at the bases entrance to greet personnel and guests. Important messages are displayed continuously to keep everyone informed of base events. Information can be pre-programmed weeks or months in advance. As technology advances, many new LED signs like the new sign at Davis-Monthan can be updated by the user anywhere in the world where there is internet. Cloud based software allows last minute updates to messages to be done anywhere at anytime. It is important with today's fast paced world for messages to be current. Messages that are outdated or static, can quickly cause viewers to not look at the sign for useful information. Cloud based software, advanced scheduling capabilities and bright, energy efficient lighting are just a few of the reasons many military bases and businesses are choosing to use Digital LED signs instead of the boring, limited abilities of static boards!

Davis Monthan. Full color. LED sign
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