Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lamplighter School Gets The Word Out and Attracts Attention With New Eye-Catching Full Color Electronic LED Sign!

Engage Parents, Students, Teachers, Visitors and Faculty with a Full Colored LED Sign! 

Lamplighter School recently upgraded their old single colored LED sign with a brand new Full Color Digital LED Sign!  The new LED Signage is ideally located at small on campus intersection where parents typically pass to either leave the campus or wait to pickup their children.  Compared to their old mono-colored LED sign the bright new vibrant sign is extremely eye-catching and is a perfect way to inform parents, teachers, students and staff of special events and to keep everyone engaged in the school activities.  In addition they use it to congratulate students of important awards and make students feel special by announcing birthdays.

Entech Sign provided a complete turnkey solutions where we removed the old LED Sign and retrofit the new sign into their existing monument and tied everything back up to their network.  The school was extremely pleased with the results and are excited to have a modern LED Sign with modern software which is quick and easy to use.  In addition with our special iPhone app the customer can quickly and easily trigger important safety messages such as hail or stranger warnings on the sign with a simple tap of the phone.

If your interested in seeing how an LED Display can benefit your school or university today please give us a call!  Our friendly staff will help assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

High Point University Impress Potential Students with Personally Reserved Parking Spaces using LED Signs

High Point University visitors get the VIP treatment with custom built LED Signs
personally to greet and reserve spots for new students

In order to stand out High Point University installed custom built Electronic Displays into their parking lot to help greet and attract potential students with a specially reserved parking spot.  Many students are really excited when they see their name on the parking spots and usually will get a picture with the sign.  This leaves the student with a lasting impression of the University and allows HPU to be much better in attracting students in a highly competitive market place.  

The signs were custom built for this specific application and we were careful to insure the refresh rates were compatible so that students could take pictures without have any scanning or blanking issues which is common with normal LED Signs.  In addition Entech Signs working closely with the customer helped developed a special software to allow the customer to easily program and manage all of their parking lot signs in one easy to use software package which can usually be updated in only a few minutes.  Typical LED Sign software will usually require the customer program each sign individually to be programmed individually which means managing multiple message files and schedules which can turn a simple task into a very time consuming process.

Do you have a unique project or application you need help with?  Entech Signs is a leader in Digital Signage technology and we can work to help get your project off the ground!  To see how we can help you please call us today!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Central Pointe Church of Christ Spreads The World and Improves Community With a New LED Sign

     New Beautiful High Resolution LED Display at Central Pointe Church of Christ

Central Pointé Church of Christ recently upgraded their large freeway sign to feature a Full Color LED Display from Entech Signs to reach out to the busy highway nearby.  The LED Digital Signage is programmed with cloud-based or internet-based software called SM Infinity.  One of the best features of the software is free access for one year to professional designers to help create great content for their sign.  The church simply submits their ideas for a message via an online form, and the designers create custom content specifically for the church which is sure to attract attention.  The upgrade is an excellent investment in the growth of the church and community which it serves.

If your Church is looking for an LED Sign and need help deciding what is right for you please call Entech Signs Today!  Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help find the perfect LED Sign for you!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Moffett Federal Airfield Installs New LED Marquee at Security Gate To Greet Visitors

Moffett Federal Airfield greets visitors with New LED Marquee by Entech

Located conveniently at the entrance to Moffett Federal Airfield the new LED Sign is perfect for greeting visitors, guest and employees to this historic airfield.  The LED Sign is perfect for keeping everyone on the base up to date with the current news, events and can also be quickly updated to display emergency messages to keep the base safe.  The bright high resolution Electronic LED Sign can easily be seen and is perfect for getting the attention of everyone entering and leaving the base.

Ours signs extremely easy to use and can easily customized to meet any customers need.  Entech Signs provides a variety of products and services to meet all your Digital Signage needs! 

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

How 1-800-Flowers Increase Business by Purchasing a New Eye-Catching LED Sign

Full Colored LED Sign located on Main St is perfect for advertising specials and attracting business

1-800 Flowers recently installed a new Full Color LED Digital Sign at their new Retail and Distribution location in Allen Texas.  The Multi-Color LED Sign is very eye-catching and is perfectly located on a busy Main St to brighten and attract at visitors to their new business.  1-800 Flowers has effectively used their Electronic Message Board to promote their new store opening and informing customers of flower specials and reminding customers of special occasions.  Entech Signs software is easily programmable from anywhere using our web-based software which can be easily used from anywhere allowing owners to easily update multiple signs from a single location so you can better manage a consistent look across all your stores!

Our industry leading comprehensive warranty which includes Parts and Labor gives our customers Peace of Mind knowing that they do not need worry about expensive repairs and maintenance.

To see how a Electronic LED Sign or Marquee can benefit your business please give us a call today!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Andrews Air Force Base Uses Electronic LED Sign To Greet President and World Leaders in the Inauguration!

New LED Sign to Greet the President at Andrews Air Force Base!

Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland recently purchased a new LED / Digital Sign in time to greet the new President and First Lady and other special guests for the Inauguration events on January 20, 2016. Andrews AFB strategically placed the Electronic Marquee near the tarmac so that they can send special greetings and messages all the important guest, soldiers and all of those which were involved in the Inauguration. The sign is a vibrant full color message board that draws the attention of all who are near. The convenience of LED Signs and the eye catching graphics and animation that are seen on the Andrews AFB sign are incredible and make it a fabulous choice for the base to greet visitors!

If you want to see how a LED Sign or Marquee can benefit your business please give us a call today!

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