Thursday, September 14, 2017

Garden Ridge Church of Christ Realizes How Important Their Electronic LED Sign is to Community!

Replaced Old Non-Functional LED Sign With Brand New Full Color LED Sign With Modern Software

Garden Ridge Church of Christ has had an LED Sign in front of their church to update the community on special events and other important information.  When it worked they never knew how much of an impact the sign had on the community since no one ever complained or talked about the sign.  However when their old sign started having issues and the sign became un-repairable the sign was left blank.  It was only after this that the calls started coming in from the community to ask about the sign, when it would be fixed, and how much they depended on their LED Sign for new news and information!  The calls would continue even months after the sign stopped functioning showing you how important the Electronic Marquee Sign was to the community!

Entech Signs came up with a full turnkey solution which allowed us to fully remove and retrofit the old sign with a brand new modern LED Display.  The new sign uses new cloud-based software which is extremely easy to use and can be programmed from any computer with internet and a web-browser!  The LED Digital Signage allows the churches to deliver information efficiently to nearby traffic any time of the day.  The LED Signage provide all events details which can neighborhood were able to join all upcoming events such as Vacation Bible Schools, food pantries, Celebrate Recovery, Bible studies, Easter, Christmas Services and much more! Pastors can even send the topic of that weeks sermon to the sign and recognize guest speakers using their LED Sign. The possibilities of churches using Digital Signage is endless.

Interested in better connecting with your community?  Call us today and we will be more then happy to tailor a Digital Signage Product for your exact needs and budget!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Kwik Kar Mesquite Oil Change is Able to Quickly Find Quality Employees with Their New Electronic LED Sign!

New 20mm RGB Flex Styled LED Sign for Kwik Kar in Texas!

Kwik Kar located in Mesquite Texas recently put in a brand new Turnkey Electronic LED Display Solution for their store.  One of the largest advantages they have discovered of their new Digital LED Sign is that they could quickly advertise new job postings and quickly located high quality employees in a very short period of time.  They have found that they can quickly find new employees and fill new positions in as little as one or two days.  This has been critical to the business allowing them to quickly fill positions so that the company will always be fully staffed and allow them to provide higher quality service to their customer which has allowed them to stay competitive and bring repeat business.

Some of the reasons that the locating new employees with the new Electronic Marquee has been beneficial is that it you know that you will find local employees which  has many benefits.  The advantages to these type of employees are that they do not need to commute as much which allows them to get quickly to and from work which prevents issues with late employees.  They are also less tired and overall more happy because they do not need to take long commutes.  In addition they can also use the same Full Color Electronic LED Sign to advertise specials and services allowing them increase business even more!  In fact they have seen an almost 100% increase in business since they got their new LED Sign!

Do you want to see how and Electronic Digital LED Display can benefit your business today?  Call Entech Signs today expertly find and design the perfect solution for you today!  We can provide Turnkey Solutions so you can get everything you need in one place to make getting your new Electronic LED Display as easy as possible!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Messiah Baptist Church Hurst Texas Electronic LED Sign 20MM RGB Community Information Messaging Digital Display Marquee

Messiah Baptist Church New LED Sign is a Cost Effective Way to Reach Out to the Community!

Brighten and Inform Your Community with a High Resolution Full Color Outdoor LED Sign! Messiah Baptist Church has found that even though the initial expense of an outdoor electronic LED Signs seems high at first but in the long run it is a very cost effective way to communicate with the community!  If you were to calculate the cost of reaching out to the community using traditional methods such as newspapers, radio, television and mail you will see that over several years the expense of running such marketing campaigns can be quite expensive.  Messiah Baptist Church determined that for approximately the same cost per month or less they can get something which has become a central focal point of their church!

Their new Electronic LED Display is perfect for informing the community of special events, sermon times, and other important information.  The information can be updated quickly and easily and you can assure that the community will only have the right information at the right time.  Entech Signs LED Signs are high quality and Made in the USA insuring that your messages will be there when it is needed and that you will get the maximum benefit from your investment.  You can also rest easy knowing that all of our signs come with an industry leading Parts and Labor Warranty!
If your interested in getting and LED Sign so you can engage with your community better please don't hesitate to call us today!  Our expert team of LED Professionals well be more then happy to tailor and find the right product for you!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

City of Midlothian Retrofits Their Iconic Historic Neon LED Sign an Electronic LED Sign!

City of Midlothian Upgrades Changeable Letter Sign with Full Color Digital LED Marquee!

The City of Midlothian City Hall upgrades their old static changeable letter sign with a brand new modern Electronic LED Sign! This is a perfect addition to the city to help inform citizens of important events and news an has quickly become a very important part of the cities communication strategy.

A retrofit of an old sign is a perfect way to help modernize your cities communication needs while helping preserve historic elements of the city which helps maintains its character and feel.
Want help in modernizing your cities communication options?  Call Entech Signs today and we'll be more then happy to assist!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tarrant County Calhoun Garage Improves Garage Traffic and Customer Satisfaction with Custom Made Portable LED Sign!

Custom Built Moveable LED Sign Used to Manage Parking Garage Traffic

Tarrant County Calhoun Garage uses a custom built a portable parking garage LED Sign designed by Entech Signs that they can positioned and moved anywhere that it is needed. The LED Signs can be updated instantly from easy to use phone app.  All the messages needed a programmed and loaded in the sign and when needed they can quickly trigger the message they need with a tap of the finger. 

The Parking Garage can instantly inform the public in real-time that the garage is full which improves service and customer satisfaction by reducing stress and reducing time wasted.  The Electronic LED Sign can programmed and scheduled during special times to increase revenue and utilization by advertising special pricing when garage is not busy and spaces are available.
If you have a parking garage or need help with any other unique Digital Signage Project give us a call!  Our experts will be more then happy to assist and help get your project off the ground today!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Gets Awesome New High Resolution for Their Base Entrance!

New High Resolution Color LED Sign to Greet Visitors and Personnel at Davis-Mothan AFB

Davis-Monthan Air Force base near Tucson, Arizona recently updated their Digital Signage to a new Full Color Digital LED Sign that is strategically placed at the Main Entrance to greet personnel, guest and any other visitors to the base.  The LED Sign is used to help inform every one of base events, important messages and security alerts.  Due to drops in cost and advancement in technologies many of our newest LED Signs are very high res and are comparable to a high resolution LED TV!

Entech Signs specializes in coming up with unique wireless solutions to meet our customer’s needs.  In this case we came up with a custom wireless solution in order to communicate with the sign which was over 3000ft away and required additional repeaters to get the signal down to their main office.
With our easy to use software information can be quickly pre-programmed weeks or months in advance.  This allows you to keep fresh content on the sign because messages that are outdated or static can quickly lose the interest of viewers making the sign less effective.  Dynamic, interesting content, ease of use, and energy efficient technology are just a few of the reasons why many military bases and government agencies are choosing to upgrade to Digital LED Signs!
Are you interested in making an impression?  Contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist in finding the perfect Digital Signage Solution for you!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Family Health Market Promotes Health Products to Better the Lives of Local Community With A Electronic LED Sign!

Local Family Business Advertising Specials and Promotions with a LED Sign!

Family Health Market which is a locally owned family business uses their Full Color LED Signage in order to attract more business. The Electronic LED Sign is ideally located on a busy street perfect so that everyone can see when they drive by. The Scrolling LED Sign has become an important part of their adverting efforts and has proven invaluable in helping draw customers into the store and increasing overall profitability of the store. Though the price of LED Signs may seem steep at first, but if you compare the cost to other advertising you can purchase and the amount of extra business you can generate you can quickly see that LED Signs are actually a very cost effective and quick way to quickly attract customers and improve business.

If you are looking for way to increase revenue and improve business let our team of Digital Signage Experts help design the perfect solution for your goal and budget. Don't wait and call Entech Signs today!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bethel Lutheran Church Welcomes and Informs the Community With A New Full Color LED Sign!

New Full Color Double Sided LED Sign located on the a busy street sure to get everyone's attention

Bethel Lutheran Church recently updated their old out of date changeable letter sign with a new modern Full Color Electronic LED Sign!  If you are tired of changing messages manually with only a limited number of letters this Electronic Sign is a significant upgrade from a changeable letter sign.  With the this new LED Sign the church can easily and quickly program everything from the comfort of their office.  The LED Sign can quickly scroll through several messages allowing them to quickly inform the community of important events and other important information making it quickly becoming an important part of the surrounding community.

If you are interested in upgrading your LED Sign please contact Entech Signs today!  We will be more then happy to come up with a Electronic LED Sign package that will meet all your needs!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lamplighter School Gets The Word Out and Attracts Attention With New Eye-Catching Full Color Electronic LED Sign!

Engage Parents, Students, Teachers, Visitors and Faculty with a Full Colored LED Sign! 

Lamplighter School recently upgraded their old single colored LED sign with a brand new Full Color Digital LED Sign!  The new LED Signage is ideally located at small on campus intersection where parents typically pass to either leave the campus or wait to pickup their children.  Compared to their old mono-colored LED sign the bright new vibrant sign is extremely eye-catching and is a perfect way to inform parents, teachers, students and staff of special events and to keep everyone engaged in the school activities.  In addition they use it to congratulate students of important awards and make students feel special by announcing birthdays.

Entech Sign provided a complete turnkey solutions where we removed the old LED Sign and retrofit the new sign into their existing monument and tied everything back up to their network.  The school was extremely pleased with the results and are excited to have a modern LED Sign with modern software which is quick and easy to use.  In addition with our special iPhone app the customer can quickly and easily trigger important safety messages such as hail or stranger warnings on the sign with a simple tap of the phone.

If your interested in seeing how an LED Display can benefit your school or university today please give us a call!  Our friendly staff will help assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

High Point University Impress Potential Students with Personally Reserved Parking Spaces using LED Signs

High Point University Custom Built LED Signs to Greet and Reserve Spots for New Students

In order to stand out High Point University installed custom built Electronic Displays into their parking lot to help greet and attract potential students with a specially reserved parking spot.  Many students are really excited when they see their name on the parking spots and usually will get a picture with the sign.  This leaves the student with a lasting impression of the University and allows HPU to be much better in attracting students in a highly competitive market place.  

The signs were custom built for this specific application and we were careful to insure the refresh rates were compatible so that students could take pictures without have any scanning or blanking issues which is common with normal LED Signs.  In addition Entech Signs working closely with the customer helped developed a special software to allow the customer to easily program and manage all of their parking lot signs in one easy to use software package which can usually be updated in only a few minutes.  Typical LED Sign software will usually require the customer program each sign individually to be programmed individually which means managing multiple message files and schedules which can turn a simple task into a very time consuming process.

Do you have a unique project or application you need help with?  Entech Signs is a leader in Digital Signage technology and we can work to help get your project off the ground!  To see how we can help you please call us today!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Central Pointe Church of Christ Spreads The World and Improves Community With a New LED Sign

New Beautiful High Resolution LED Display at Central Pointe Church of Christ

Central Pointé Church of Christ recently upgraded their large freeway sign to feature a Full Color LED Display from Entech Signs to reach out to the busy highway nearby.  The LED Digital Signage is programmed with cloud-based or internet-based software called SM Infinity.  One of the best features of the software is free access for one year to professional designers to help create great content for their sign.  The church simply submits their ideas for a message via an online form, and the designers create custom content specifically for the church which is sure to attract attention.  The upgrade is an excellent investment in the growth of the church and community which it serves.

If your Church is looking for an LED Sign and need help deciding what is right for you please call Entech Signs Today!  Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help find the perfect LED Sign for you!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Moffett Federal Airfield Installs New LED Marquee at Security Gate To Greet Visitors

Moffett Federal Airfield greets visitors with New LED Marquee by Entech

Located conveniently at the entrance to Moffett Federal Airfield the new LED Sign is perfect for greeting visitors, guest and employees to this historic airfield.  The LED Sign is perfect for keeping everyone on the base up to date with the current news, events and can also be quickly updated to display emergency messages to keep the base safe.  The bright high resolution Electronic LED Sign can easily be seen and is perfect for getting the attention of everyone entering and leaving the base.
Ours signs extremely easy to use and can easily customized to meet any customers need.  Entech Signs provides a variety of products and services to meet all your Digital Signage needs! 
To see how a LED Sign by Entech Signs can help you organization please contact us today!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

How 1-800-Flowers Increase Business by Purchasing a New Eye-Catching LED Sign

Full Colored LED Sign located on Main St is perfect for advertising specials and attracting business

1-800 Flowers recently installed a new Full Color LED Digital Sign at their new Retail and Distribution location in Allen Texas.  The Multi-Color LED Sign is very eye-catching and is perfectly located on a busy Main St to brighten and attract at visitors to their new business.  1-800 Flowers has effectively used their Electronic Message Board to promote their new store opening and informing customers of flower specials and reminding customers of special occasions.  Entech Signs software is easily programmable from anywhere using our web-based software which can be easily used from anywhere allowing owners to easily update multiple signs from a single location so you can better manage a consistent look across all your stores!
Our industry leading comprehensive warranty which includes Parts and Labor gives our customers Peace of Mind knowing that they do not need worry about expensive repairs and maintenance.
To see how a Electronic LED Sign or Marquee can benefit your business please give us a call today!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Andrews Air Force Base Uses Electronic LED Sign To Greet President and World Leaders in the Inauguration!

New LED Sign to Greet the President at Andrews Air Force Base!

Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland recently purchased a new LED  Digital Sign in time to greet the new President and First Lady and other special guests for the Inauguration events on January 20, 2016. Andrews AFB strategically placed the Electronic Marquee near the tarmac so that they can send special greetings and messages all the important guest, soldiers and all of those which were involved in the Inauguration. The sign is a vibrant full color message board that draws the attention of all who are near. The convenience of LED Signs and the eye catching graphics and animation that are seen on the Andrews AFB sign are incredible and make it a fabulous choice for the base to greet visitors!

If you want to see how a LED Sign or Marquee can benefit your business please give us a call today!