Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lamplighter School Gets The Word Out and Attracts Attention With New Eye-Catching Full Color Electronic LED Sign!

Engage Parents, Students, Teachers, Visitors and Faculty with a Full Colored LED Sign! 

Lamplighter School recently upgraded their old single colored LED sign with a brand new Full Color Digital LED Sign!  The new LED Signage is ideally located at small on campus intersection where parents typically pass to either leave the campus or wait to pickup their children.  Compared to their old mono-colored LED sign the bright new vibrant sign is extremely eye-catching and is a perfect way to inform parents, teachers, students and staff of special events and to keep everyone engaged in the school activities.  In addition they use it to congratulate students of important awards and make students feel special by announcing birthdays.

Entech Sign provided a complete turnkey solutions where we removed the old LED Sign and retrofit the new sign into their existing monument and tied everything back up to their network.  The school was extremely pleased with the results and are excited to have a modern LED Sign with modern software which is quick and easy to use.  In addition with our special iPhone app the customer can quickly and easily trigger important safety messages such as hail or stranger warnings on the sign with a simple tap of the phone.

If your interested in seeing how an LED Display can benefit your school or university today please give us a call!  Our friendly staff will help assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs!


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