Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tarrant County Calhoun Garage Improves Garage Traffic and Customer Satisfaction with Custom Made Portable LED Sign!

Custom Built Moveable LED Sign Used to Manage Parking Garage Traffic

Tarrant County Calhoun Garage uses a custom built a portable parking garage LED Sign designed by Entech Signs that they can positioned and moved anywhere that it is needed. The LED Signs can be updated instantly from easy to use phone app.  All the messages needed a programmed and loaded in the sign and when needed they can quickly trigger the message they need with a tap of the finger. 

The Parking Garage can instantly inform the public in real-time that the garage is full which improves service and customer satisfaction by reducing stress and reducing time wasted.  The Electronic LED Sign can programmed and scheduled during special times to increase revenue and utilization by advertising special pricing when garage is not busy and spaces are available.
If you have a parking garage or need help with any other unique Digital Signage Project give us a call!  Our experts will be more then happy to assist and help get your project off the ground today!


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