Thursday, September 28, 2017

US Coast Guard Utilizes Strategically Placed Large Electronic LED Sign at Port Entrance to Bring Safety to the Oregon Coast

New Electronic Large 25MM Red LED Display on Oregon Coast Perfect for Displaying Safety Message and Keeping Boaters Safe!

The US Coast Guard's mission to keep the men and women who travel the waters around the US Coast is 24 hour a 7 Day week job and anything they can find to help do their job better and improve safety is always welcome.  In order to meet this goal the US Coat Guard has partnered with Entech Signs to install a Electronic LED Sign at the entrance of the Yaquina Bay to help keep all boaters of current conditions and restrictions to help keep everyone safe.  The Electronic LED Marquee is strategically located at the entrance which all boaters will need to pass and thus insure everyone is informed of the most current and important information.  We have set them up with an easy to use software which can be easily programmed from the comfort of their computer or iPad.  Pre-made message are easily triggered and edited and can be sent to the sign whenever they need it with a few clicks or the swipe of the fingers.  With so many users and the importance of the LED Display it is important the software is user friendly, and easily programmable allowing anyone to become a pro in no time!

Entech Signs is GSA Contractor which specializes in working with military and government entities.  If you need help getting a Digital Signage project off the ground we can provide a full turnkey solutions to insure that you get the exact product for your exact need.  Let our expert team of Digital Signage Experts help you today!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

College of Marin Communicates with Students, Faculty and Visitors with New Electronic LED Sign at Indian Valley Campus Entrance!

New Full Color 12MM LED Sign by Entech Signs Perfect for Informing, Communicating and Campus Safety!

College of Marin recently installed a brand new Full Color LED Marquee just in time to greet students for the new Fall Semester!  The LED Sign has been strategically placed at the Entrance of the Indian Valley Campus which is ideal for catching the attention of everyone that enters and exits the campus.  The LED Signs are perfect for informing students of important information, dates, and events which are happening on the campus.  

Many campuses are getting Electronic Digital Signage as it is a excellent way to improve campus safety by warning students of any potential or current emergencies which are occurring on the campus.  Our Digital LED Signs are designed to work seamlessly with the FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) network which allows the signs to automatically display emergency messaging straight from FEMA which helps keep students and staff up-to-date on emergencies and helps keep them safe!  Our easy to use Cloud-Based Software allows large organizations like the College of Marin to easily create and manage multiple users and LED Signs from one easy to use central website.   You can also easily schedule your own emergency messages from any computer with internet access or using our IPad App.  Changing messages is as easy as a few clicks or swipes away!

Are you looking into modernizing and improving your campus saftey with Electronic Digital Signage?  Entech Signs carries an assortment Indoor & Outdoor LED and LCD Displays with a variety of software packages to meet your needs or requirement.  Call us now and let our friendly team of professionals find the perfect product for you today!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Garden Ridge Church of Christ Realizes How Important Their Electronic LED Sign is to Community!

Replaced Old Non-Functional LED Sign With Brand New Full Color LED Sign With Modern Software

Garden Ridge Church of Christ has had an LED Sign in front of their church to update the community on special events and other important information.  When it worked they never knew how much of an impact the sign had on the community since no one ever complained or talked about the sign.  However when their old sign started having issues and the sign became un-repairable the sign was left blank.  It was only after this that the calls started coming in from the community to ask about the sign, when it would be fixed, and how much they depended on their LED Sign for new news and information!  The calls would continue even months after the sign stopped functioning showing you how important the Electronic Marquee Sign was to the community!

Entech Signs came up with a full turnkey solution which allowed us to fully remove and retrofit the old sign with a brand new modern LED Display.  The new sign uses new cloud-based software which is extremely easy to use and can be programmed from any computer with internet and a web-browser!  The LED Digital Signage allows the churches to deliver information efficiently to nearby traffic any time of the day.  The LED Signage provide all events details which can neighborhood were able to join all upcoming events such as Vacation Bible Schools, food pantries, Celebrate Recovery, Bible studies, Easter, Christmas Services and much more! Pastors can even send the topic of that weeks sermon to the sign and recognize guest speakers using their LED Sign. The possibilities of churches using Digital Signage is endless.

Interested in better connecting with your community?  Call us today and we will be more then happy to tailor a Digital Signage Product for your exact needs and budget!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Kwik Kar Mesquite Oil Change is Able to Quickly Find Quality Employees with Their New Electronic LED Sign!

New 20mm RGB Flex Styled LED Sign for Kwik Kar in Texas!

Kwik Kar located in Mesquite Texas recently put in a brand new Turnkey Electronic LED Display Solution for their store.  One of the largest advantages they have discovered of their new Digital LED Sign is that they could quickly advertise new job postings and quickly located high quality employees in a very short period of time.  They have found that they can quickly find new employees and fill new positions in as little as one or two days.  This has been critical to the business allowing them to quickly fill positions so that the company will always be fully staffed and allow them to provide higher quality service to their customer which has allowed them to stay competitive and bring repeat business.

Some of the reasons that the locating new employees with the new Electronic Marquee has been beneficial is that it you know that you will find local employees which  has many benefits.  The advantages to these type of employees are that they do not need to commute as much which allows them to get quickly to and from work which prevents issues with late employees.  They are also less tired and overall more happy because they do not need to take long commutes.  In addition they can also use the same Full Color Electronic LED Sign to advertise specials and services allowing them increase business even more!  In fact they have seen an almost 100% increase in business since they got their new LED Sign!

Do you want to see how and Electronic Digital LED Display can benefit your business today?  Call Entech Signs today expertly find and design the perfect solution for you today!  We can provide Turnkey Solutions so you can get everything you need in one place to make getting your new Electronic LED Display as easy as possible!