Thursday, September 28, 2017

US Coast Guard Utilizes Strategically Placed Large Electronic LED Sign at Port Entrance to Bring Safety to the Oregon Coast

New Electronic Large 25MM Red LED Display on Oregon Coast Perfect for Displaying Safety Message and Keeping Boaters Safe!

The US Coast Guard's mission to keep the men and women who travel the waters around the US Coast is 24 hour a 7 Day week job and anything they can find to help do their job better and improve safety is always welcome.  In order to meet this goal the US Coat Guard has partnered with Entech Signs to install a Electronic LED Sign at the entrance of the Yaquina Bay to help keep all boaters of current conditions and restrictions to help keep everyone safe.  The Electronic LED Marquee is strategically located at the entrance which all boaters will need to pass and thus insure everyone is informed of the most current and important information.  We have set them up with an easy to use software which can be easily programmed from the comfort of their computer or iPad.  Pre-made message are easily triggered and edited and can be sent to the sign whenever they need it with a few clicks or the swipe of the fingers.  With so many users and the importance of the LED Display it is important the software is user friendly, and easily programmable allowing anyone to become a pro in no time!

Entech Signs is GSA Contractor which specializes in working with military and government entities.  If you need help getting a Digital Signage project off the ground we can provide a full turnkey solutions to insure that you get the exact product for your exact need.  Let our expert team of Digital Signage Experts help you today!


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