Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse Better Serves the Community and Residents with Informative and Professional Digital LED Display!

The Eye-Catching Full Color 16MM LED Display Helps the Courthouse Improve Services and Customer Service by Keeping Residents Up-To-Date with the Latest Information and Events!

Northeast Tarrant County with its excellent quality of life and education has attracted a many families and is considered one of the fastest-growing areas in North Texas! Due to the robust growth and ever expanding population, Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse was opened to help better serve residents with services such as their property taxes, car titles, and birth certificates! Tarrant County worked with Entech Signs which specializes in Government and Military Digital Signage installations to design and build an Electronic LED Sign which meet and exceed their vision and expectations.

The sign was carefully designed using the same brick and design elements as the main building for a cohesive and professional and with the latest LED Sign technology which would help meet their communication needs. The LED Sign is perfect for allowing the city to quickly and efficiently communicate with the community about special events, important information, hours of operations, closings and much much more!

Our Digital LED Sign has the latest cloud-based software technology allowing the Tarrant County to easily and quickly manage their Digital Marquee from any web-browser with internet access. This is especially useful if you need to send important alerts or emergency messages immediately insuring the safety and security of the community. The software is intuitive and very easy to use allowing anyone to program the signs like a PRO in no time! In addition our system give you access to professional digital graphic designers which can help generate and make professional content to make your signs stand out!

Are your City, Government, or Municipality which is interested in connecting with your Community and wants to make a difference? Let Entech Signs help design and build the perfect Digital Signage Package to meet and exceed all or your communication needs today!


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tarrant County Community College (TCC) Northeast Campus Wishes Their Students, Teachers, Faculty, Visitors and Community a Happy Holiday with Their LED Sign!

TCC School celebrates and wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday with their 23MM Red Monocolor LED Sign!

Tarrant County College Northeast Campus has been advancing and improving the lives of student lives for more than 40 years in the DFW area with their small classes that focus on student learning and individual attention to produce successful students who meet or exceed their goals!  In order for students to become successful and to get the most of their education TCC use's their strategically located Electronic LED Sign to advertise special events, and important information in order help students take advantage of special opportunities to become successful in their studies.  The LED Signs can easily and conveniently be updated from the office and can allow you to insure that you can always have the most relevant and recent information on the signs at all times!

With the easy to use software you can easily schedule important events and messages far into the future so that you can insure the right messages are sent out at the right time without having to manually program the signs.  This is especially useful during the holiday season when many people have days off and may not be available to program the Digital LED Marquee.  With our advanced and intuitive software you can easily program the message to show up and drop off automatically on the days you need and let the sign do the work for you.  Not only that but our signs are also perfect for keeping students, faculty and staff safe by allowing you to send out emergency messages from the convenience of your phone using our LED Sign App in case of tornado's, floods, fires, threats and much much more!

Are you looking for an integrated easy to use Digital Signage solution that can help you achieve your campuses academic and safety goals? 

Let our Digital LED Experts help find the right solution for you today! 


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sheppard AFB 80th Flying Training Wing Increases Base Effectiveness and Enhances Mission and Vision with Digital LED Marquee!

The 80th Flying Training Wing's 20mm Electronic LED Sign Builds A Stronger Community, Reinforces Objectives and Goals Increasing Overall Performance and Readiness!

Sheppard's Air Force Base has a vision "To Be the World's Premier Combat Pilot Training Program" and host the world's only internationally manage and managed pilot training program and has delivered more then 6,600 trained combat pilots to our NATO Allies since the programs inception.  In order to meet their mission and to help insure everyone on base works towards the same goal the 80th Flying Training Wing has installed a Electronic Digital LED Sign near their training field. 

The sign is perfectly positioned near the flight-line insuring everyone in the 80th Flying Training Wing gets the most to up to date information, flight statistics and events.  The LED Marquee Sign have become an integral part in the 80th Training Wings operation has become the perfect tool to provide performance information and a quick and easy visual way on where they can improve to insure that they produces the World's Finest Fighter Pilots to keep our nations safe.

Due to the remote location of some Digital LED Signs sometimes updating the signs can become a challenge however Entech Signs provides a variety of communication packages which can be customized to every customer's unique situation and needs.

Options which you can use to communicate with the LED Sign include long range wireless radios, fiber optics, phone lines and cellular modems.  This helps insure that you will always be able to update your LED Marquee with the information you need, at exactly the time you need from the convenience of your office.  

Entech Signs specializes in military and government contracts and is an approved GSA Vendor.  Don't hesitate and give us a call and let our experience and expertise make your Digital Signage project a reality today!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Montesorri Academy of Arlington Engages and Keeps Parents and Students Involved and Strengthens Mission and Goals with New Full Color Scrolling LED Marquee!

Full color Double Sided 16MM LED Sign positioned near the entrance greets Students and Parents with important information, news and events happening on campus!

Montesorri Academyy of Arlington is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood which has been time tested with over 100 years of success and effective in diverse cultures around the world.  It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment.  

One of the most important aspects of a successful educational institution for younger children is the ability to keep parents and students and engaged in the school.  In order to meet their vision, goals and educational success, Montesorri Academy of Arlington worked with Entech Signs to install a full color LED Sign to insure parents and students are always aware of what is going on and the children to fully take advantage of all their education at Montesorri Academy.  The Scrolling LED Marquee is ideally situated at the main entrance visible to everyone driving in, driving out, and from the parking lot as children are picked and dropped off for school.  The vibrant high quality LED Sign is sure to catch the attention of everyone and insure everyone knows what is going on at the Monesorri Academy School.

We provide an easy to use Digital LED Sign Software which makes creating relevant and eye-catching content a breeze.  You can easily pre-program messages so that they show up and are removed exactly when you need it making sure you always have the most current and relevant information on the sign.  These signs are also perfect for emergency situations and can easily be used to alert parents and students of threats or other dangerous situations to insure the safety of your campus.

Are you interested in keeping your school relevant and getting people involved and engaged?  Call us and let our Experts show you how Digital Signage can help achieve your mission and goals today!


Thursday, November 2, 2017

City of Glenn Heights Improves Safety, Awareness and Build's a Close-Knit Community With a NEW LED Marquee!

Glenn Heights Installs 20MM Color LED Monument Sign Near Future Site of City Hall

The City of Glenn Heights is a hospitable, business friendly, rapidly growing community divided between Dallas and Ellis counties.  Due to its unique geography and location it covers three different zip codes which makes communicating and connecting with residents using periodicals a very complicated and costly endeavor since you cannot blanket a single zip code.  To address this issue the City of Glenn Heights has partnered with Entech Signs to install a new Full Color Digital LED Display near their future site of City Hall.  As small and close-knit community the LED Marquee is situated perfectly to reach all residents as they go into and out of town to inform them of special events, advisories and other important information about the city.  By using an LED Sign the City of Glenn Heights has found that they can more effectively communicate and at lower cost then traditional communication methods.  Digital LED Signs can also be updated instantly at anytime insuring residents have the newest and most recent information.

Our Electronic LED Marquee's come with an advanced web-based software which is easily accessible from any computer with internet or our iPad app.  With always on software changing your LED Sign's has never been easier or more convenient whether you are at home, work or on the go you'll know you will always be able to get the message you need out when you need it.  Our LED Sign's come with a built in IPAWS (FEMA Emergency Alert System) which allows the Digital Display's to automatically pull and display important messages such as Tornado, Hurricane, Hail, Flooding, Wildfires, Terror Alerts and much much more.  You can also schedule your own emergency messages to make sure your citizens are safe and aware of what is going on.

Are you looking for ways to improve the safety, awareness and build a close knit community?  Give us a call today let our team of Experts show you how our Electronic LED Displays can help achieve your goals today!