Friday, December 29, 2017

Advanced Kar Kare Valvoline Oil Change Stores Increases Business, Exposure and Keeps Customers Happy on Busy Highway With a High Impact Digital LED Sign!

Advanced Advertises Specials and Services on their 16mm RGB Full Color Double Face LED Signs to Attract Customers on Busy Highway 174!

Advanced Kar Kare Valvoline is a chain of very successful Oil Change Stores located in Texas which as quickly expanded from only a few stores to over several dozen in only a few short years.  Part of reason for their wildly successful expansion has been the ability to help build their brand and effectively reach out to their present and potential customers.  Advanced Kar Kare seeing the potential in Digital Signage Technology partnered with Entech Signs to help install one of their first Digital LED Marquee signs at their Burleson Alsbury location and quickly saw the advantages of the technology to help them better manage their business and increase profits and revenue at their locations. The LED Sign is able to quickly draw your attention and helps remind customers to perform critical maintenance and services on their cars to get them into the store.  Advanced Kar Kare is also able to run specials for specific times and stores to help smooth out traffic and increase overall customer satisfaction and store profitability!  Seeing the how effective a LED Marquee sign has been on increasing profitability at this store Advanced Kar Kare quickly began rolling out their LED Signs to all of their stores and has experienced robust growth since its implementation.

One of the biggest challenges of managing multiple stores is the ability to effectively manage what messages show and how it looks.  Entech Signs solves this problem by providing a internet cloud-based software with our signs which means managing your signs has never been easier!  You can easily go to our website from any computer with internet access or using our intuitive iPad app to program the LED Signs from anywhere in the world!  Multiple store locations?  No Problem!  Easily program all your signs from one easy location with only a few clicks of your mouse!  You can also provide addition user access so you can easily grant access to local store managers to manage their LED Signs while allow corporate to easily have access to all of your signs.  This allows you to quickly send out high quality content to your LED Signs and to built a cohesive brand and look!  Not only that but we provide you access to professional Graphic Designers which can design eye-catching, high impact graphics and video to make sure you attract the attention and foot traffic to run a successful Business!

Are you ready to take your Business to the next level?  Invest in a High Visibility, Dynamic Electronic LED Sign today!  Give us a call today and see how Entech Signs can help build the perfect LED Sign package to meet your business needs today!


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