Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bridgeway Church Get's Into the Christmas Holiday Spirit by Announcing Sermons, Special Events and Guest with Their Electronic LED Display!

Bridgeway Church in Copper Canyon Texas Announces Services and Special Events with a Eye-Catching 16MM RGB Full Color Quality LED Sign!

Bridgeway Church was founded by Art and Holly Mcneese in 2005 to help service the residents of the rapidly growing communities of Copper Canyon and Flower Mound Texas.  The ultimate vision of Brideway was to become a church without walls which means that what happens in the church does not just stay at church but will continue to touch everyone's live's everyday of the week.  Taking advantage of their ideal location on a busy highway Bridgeway Church installed an Electronic LED Display to help them reach their vision of helping reach out and improve the community.  The Electronic Display has been perfect for advertising events, sermon times, and other important information.

The LED Sign is easily programmable from the comfort of your office and is instantly updated as needed throughout the day.  You can easily program messages to show and drop off exactly when you need them using our scheduling feature which allows for greater flexibility and extra convenience.  This is especially useful during the holidays when you may be too busy to regularly update the sign.

Our LED Signs and software are designed and built in America so you know you will have a quality product!  Are you interested in installing a LED Sign for your Church?  Not sure what you need? 

No Problem!  Give us a call today and let our friendly team of Digital Signage Experts help you today!


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