Thursday, January 11, 2018

Digital LED Sign Helps Gateway Community Church Expands Their Vision and Brings Joy to Their Community By Advertising Festivities and Special Events!

Gateway's High Quality 16MM Full Color LED Sign is Perfect for Advertising Events and Service Times to Draw in People to the Church!

Gateway Community Church's began with humble beginnings in Southlake Texas with only a small group of members has now expanded to over 39,000 active members!  Their mission and vision has been to help connect, empower, heal and serve their members and to better themselves and the community.  In order to help connect with members of the church and the community Gateway Community Church has partnered with Entech Signs to upgrade their aging and damaged Mono-Color LED Sign to a very eye-catching and dynamic Full Color Digital LED Sign!  The sign has become a very important part of their church and is used to great effect to help engage members and build a close knit community which helps retain and attract additional members.  It is also perfect for getting the attention of the younger generations which has grown accustomed to technology and helps keep the Church modern and relevant.  Gateway Community Church has been using their Digital Display to advertise Holidays, Special Events, Activities, Sermon Times, Food Drives and much much more!

The LED Marquee can easily be programmed from any computer with an internet browser or from an iPad using our app available on the Apple App Store.  Since our software is all web-based you can easily program your signs from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere with an internet connection!  Not only that we have professional Graphic Designers which can help you design and generate high quality dynamic content to make sure your Church and content stands out!  This allows you to produce and generate professional level content without requiring special software or staff which frees up time and energy and allows you to focus it where it matters the most!

Are you interested in upgrading or purchasing a new Electronic LED Sign?  Did you need a software or hardware demo of a LED Marquee?  Give us a call today for a free demo and see how we can make your dreams and vision come true today! 


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